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February 21, 2017

Combat Plaque with Merrick Big Brush Bones #ChewyInfluencer

February is National Pet Dental Health Month and it's a perfect time to brush up on your dog's dental care routine. Besides brushing your dog's teeth, you can give them chews that will help remove plaque and freshen their breath. offers a wide variety of dental chews for dogs and this month they sent us a package of Merrick Big Brush Bones to try out.
combat plaque with merrick dental chew bones for dogs
As a Chewy Influencer, Golden Daily Scoop received a bag of Merrick Big Brush Bones from in exchange for an honest review. 
We received no compensation and is not responsible for the content of this post. 

I try and do my best brushing the dog's teeth with a toothbrush and paste but in addition to that I do like to give them dental chews and bones.
pet dental health month with Merrick big brush bones
Merrick Big Brush Bones are all-natural dental chews made of natural ingredients that freshens their breath, cleans their teeth and are easily digestible. 
Merrick big brush bones for large dogs review
Bruin couldn't wait to get his chomps into the bone. Often I find dental chews to be a bit small for the Goldens and they end up eating them quickly like a cookie rather than chewing on them to get the cleaning done but these bones are a perfect size and texture.
merrick big brush bones removes plaque and freshens breath review
The Merrick Big Brush Bones are just that, BIG and are made for dogs 25+lbs. Unlike most dental chews, these are grain free and gluten free and are safely made in the USA from local growers with quality ingredients.
Their innovative shape and texture helps remove plaque and tartar and their tasty chicken flavor will make your pup think they are just getting a tasty treat.
how to combat plaque and bad breath with dog dental chew bones
I was happy to see Bruin really chewing on the large bone, getting his back teeth where it's hard to reach. It is recommended to give your dog one brush bone daily and as with all dog chews, observation is always recommended. I always find the dogs are thirsty after having their bone, so I suggest making sure they have plenty of water afterward.

We will definitely be adding Merrick Big Brush Bones to the dog's dental routine, they love their tasty flavor and I love knowing that along with a treat, they are getting a great dental cleaning!

You can purchase the Merrick Big Brush Bones at , they come in three sizes:
Mini Bones for dogs 5-15 lbs (30 bones) 
Lil' Bones for dogs 15-25 lbs (14 bones)
Big Bones for dogs 25+lbs (10 bones)

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February 20, 2017

Presidential Golden Retrievers

For President's Day we thought it would be fun to do a little research to see if there were any Goldens that lived in the White House, we learned of two! 

President Gerald Ford's Golden Retriever - Liberty 

One of the most well-known presidential pets was Gerald Ford's golden retriever patriotically named, Liberty. She was a friendly and obedient dog who could always be found in the Oval Office. She was trained to pay attention to a guest with a specific hand signal that President Ford was known to use when he wanted to break up a conversation or meeting. 
Ford Presidential Library & Museum

President Ronald Reagan's Golden Retriever - Victory

Unlike most presidential dogs, Victory didn't live at the White House. The Reagan's opted to leave him behind at their Ranch in California with their other dogs where he could have free run of their property. Victory was often seen by the President's side while doing ranch work together.
Presidential Pet Museum
All this research got us thinking what it would be like if we got to live in the White House.

If My Goldens Ran the White House:

  • Breakfast will be ready and waiting- no more prying our peeps out of bed.
  • Unlimited playtime outside- no more being bribed to come in, we will come in when we're good and ready.
  • Leashes will no longer be allowed - be free and run wild.
  • Cookie jars will be filled and ready at all times - no more cookies pieces, we want the whole thing.
  • Naps will be taken where we choose - yes, that means on the furniture.  
  • Feel free to lift your leg in the Oval Office - beware, there are no corners!
  • Toys will be de-stuffed at will - squeaker and all.
  • Guests of all kinds will be welcome - except cats. (sorry cat people)
  • Dinnertime begging will be allowed - hand over those table scraps.
  • Bedtime will take place in a bed where it's meant to be.


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