April 17, 2015

Getting Closer to Miley's #PerfectWeight

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Miley is at week 7 of her 10 Week Turnaround with Hill's® Science Diet® Perfect Weight and things are going very well.

For the past 7 weeks we have been giving her the Hills Science Diet Perfect Weight adult dog food which is available for purchase at Pet360.com with an additional discount on Autoship. We are still portioning out half her food in the morning and half in the evening. We are happy to say that this is working and she is still enjoying the food.
We just took Miley for another weigh-in and we are thrilled to see that she is down from 90lbs to 86lbs with a total weight loss of 4lbs so far!
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Changes We Are Noticing:
Over the past 7 weeks we have seen many changes in Miley, not only in her weight loss but in her appearance and energy level as well.

Miley's frame is definitely looking more defined as we are starting to see her waistline...
dog health and wellness weight loss
Her coat is noticeably shinier and she looks happier and healthier overall.
pet weight loss, dog health and wellness
Miley's energy level has gone through the roof!
She is playing more and playing longer. Before she would fetch the ball a few times and be done with it, now she will play until we stop throwing the ball to her. 
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Staying Consistent!
I believe that part of Miley's weight loss success is consistency. One of the things that has helped us stay consistent is the Hill's Pet 10 Week Turnaround Calendar which you can download here

For the past 7 weeks we have fed Miley the same amount of food at the same time each day. We have also kept a routine with her walks and playtime in the yard. Keeping a consistent schedule and routine is so important for the mental health of your pet, it keeps them happy which in turn makes us happy.

Miley's Challenge:
The only challenge we have run into is with the treats. With two other dogs getting treats here and there, it's hard not to give her something as well. 

The Solution:
What's been working for us is giving her ice cubes or carrots, she loves crunchy treats and these do the trick. They may not smell and taste as good as a treat but she's happy to get something. Other times we will give her a piece of a treat, rather than the whole thing. It seems to be working so we are sticking with it!

Seeing the Finish Line:
We have 3 weeks left to go to help Miley get as close as she can to her goal weight which is 80lbs. 

Fingers and Paws Crossed!!!

It's Not Too Late To Join Miley and WIN BIG!!!
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April 16, 2015

Curiosity and a Dog #tbt

Today we are throwing it all the way back to 2009!

See what has Miley so curious in one of her very first posts...
curious dog finds hole in backyard
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