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September 19, 2017

Reward Your Dog's Inner Carnivore #ChewyInfluencer

One of the things I love most about being a dog mom to three Goldens is rewarding them. Whether it's for good behavior, learning a new trick or just simply being their adorable selves, I enjoy giving them a treat as a reward that I know is nutritionally good for them with ingredients that they naturally crave.
raw freeze-dried dog treats
Disclaimer: Golden Daily Scoop received a bag of Canidae Dog Treats  from in exchange for our honest review. We received no other compensation and is not responsible for the content of this post.

This month we tried Stella & Chewy's Carnivore Crunch from One of the things I love about Stella & Chewy's treats is that if you aren't comfortable feeding your dog a raw diet, introducing them to their raw freeze-dried treats is a great way to get started.
stella and chewys carnivore crunch freeze-dried dog treats
Stella & Chewy's Carnivore Crunch comes in a few different recipes, we tried the Cage-Free Duck recipe. These freeze-dried raw treats never contain  grains, gluten, fillers, artificial preservatives, or colorings. 
introducing your dog to a raw diet with freeze-dried dog treats
Stella & Chewy's believe that pets thrive on the same diet they would eat in the wild, so they made a treat that our dogs would naturally crave as a carnivore.
carnivore crunch freeze dried dog treats Chewy review
Miley is a true carnivore but her favorite source of protein lately has been duck and these little morsels have hit the spot with her - she loves them! You can give these to your dog two ways, as a treat or you can simply break them up and crumble them on top of their food at mealtime. 

Although the Goldens aren't on an all-raw diet, I do like to introduce them to it in our feeding routine and as I said before, starting out with a raw, freeze-dried treat is a great first step. 

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September 18, 2017

8 Essentials For Fido's Trip to the Park + Giveaway

As much as I hate to see summer end I am looking forward to cooler temps. New England Fall weather is beautiful, you can still enjoy the warm sunshine but with the cool, crisp air and most importantly the foliage is breathtaking.

One of our favorite things to do with the Goldens is taking trips to our favorite dog-friendly parks. They love exploring fun trails and different scents while we enjoy just being outside in nature with them.
golden retrievers enjoying a day at the park
Today we thought we would share a list of essentials items we always take along with us to the park. With the hurricanes that have devastated Texas, Florida and beyond the past few weeks we all know how important it is to be pet-prepared when disaster strikes. The same goes for when you are headed out to your local dog-friendly park, it's better to be prepared and safe than sorry.

8 Essentials For Fido's Trip to the Park

1. Collar/ID Tags
The Goldens almost always have their collars on with their up-to-date tags attached. That along with being microchipped is a safe practice in the event that your dog gets away from you and lost.

2. Leash
Seems like common sense but if you only knew how many times we've hit the road and realized we forgot the leashes. lol Even if you are going to an off-leash park, it's always best to have one in case you need it. The Goldens are always leashed, the chipmunk temptation is just too much for them to handle.
a list of items we take to visit a dog friendly park
3. Insect Repellent
The first thing I do when we get to the park is wipe the Goldens down with Flea + Tick wipes. Although we treat them monthly, I like to have a little extra protection. A few years ago we tried Pet Naturals of Vermont brand and we have been using them ever since.

4. Camera/Phone
Yes, we always have our phone with us to take pics but I still like to use my dslr camera. There is nothing better than taking photos of your dog with nature as your backdrop.
a list of essentials items to take on your next trip to the park with your dog
5. Treats/Water
After all that exploring and posing for photos, we always make sure to stop for a water break. If we are going to be out for an extended period of time I will bring along some treats as well.

6. Poop Bags
You know what happens after they have had their snack. Be prepared for when nature calls to scoop their poop!

7. Brush/Comb
Once we head back to the car I like to quickly run a brush through the Goldens coat to remove any leaves, twigs or heavens forbid - ticks!

8. Cargo Liner
If your dog is anything like ours, they like to get dirty while exploring. They will step in any puddle they can find, attempt to go in the water if there is any and they are famous for digging holes! The last thing I want to do after leaving the park is clean the car, this is where a cargo liner comes in handy!
Golden retriever digging at the dog park

Disclosure: Golden Daily Scoop was sent a Molly Mutt car seat cover for review purposes. All opinions expressed are our own. Molly Mutt is not responsible for the contents of this post. 

Molly Mutt is a Park Trip Essential

Molly Mutt is known for their beautiful line of Pet Bed Duvet Covers and now they just introduced a line of Car Seat Covers in 8 colorful patterns to keep your seats protected. 
Moly Mutt car seat cover

What sets a Molly Mutt car seat cover apart from the rest?

It's multi-functional, it works as a car seat cover, a hammock or a cargo cover. So depending on how you travel with your dog, you are sure to keep your seats protected and your dog riding in style.
 Molly Mutt multi-functional car seat cover and cargo liner giveaway
It fits all vehicles with headrests and has adjustable straps to easily put on and off. It also has seatbelt slots, seat anchors and a non-slid backing to stay in place.

When we travel, the Goldens go in the cargo area of our Chevy Tahoe and as you can see this cargo cover is plenty big enough for all three of them to comfortably fit on.
Three golden retrievers sitting on molly mutt cargo liner
Having a Molly Mutt car seat cover is a huge time saver when we get home from the park. Their  durable fabric makes it easy to wipe clean and shake dirt or fur off of and who doesn't love to have their dogs ride in style?! 


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September 14, 2017

Pumpkin Spice Dog Treats

It's been a while since we posted a homemade dog treat recipe so we thought with the first day of Fall coming up next week, it's the perfect time to make a healthy Fall-inspired treat. We decided to jump on the pumpkin bandwagon and whip up a quick and easy Pumpkin Spice dog treat.

When I said quick and easy I wasn't joking, these treats have only 3 ingredients - pumpkin, greek yogurt and cinnamon. I believe it's so important to know what exactly is in my dog's treats and one way of doing that is by making them at home.

Before we get started, let's talk about the benefits of these three ingredients.

Pumpkin - Low in calories, canned pure pumpkin is a great source of fiber which helps with digestion and stomach issues. Just a small amount can help with diarrhea or constipation.

Greek Yogurt - Plain greek yogurt is high in calcium and protein. It also has probiotics that boost immunity and also help with digestion.

Cinnamon - Just a small amount of cinnamon a day can help regulate blood sugar, it has anti-inflammatory properties and also has the ability to slow or stop bacteria growth.

Pumpkin Spice Dog Treats

One of the nice things about these treats is that there are no set measurements. Depending on how much I have on hand, I usually do 2 parts greek yogurt to 1 part canned pure pumpkin and 1/2 tsp. cinnamon.
ingredients for healthy homemade pumpkin spice dog treats
You can simply place the ingredients in a bowl and mix until combined or throw them in your blender and give it a whirl.
ingredients for pumpkin spice dog treats
I'm pretty sure the Goldens would have enjoyed it right out of the blender as a smoothie but I think the pumpkins are fun and festive!
recipe for healthy pumpkin spice dog treats
Just spoon the mixture into your favorite silicone mold or ice cube tray and place in the freezer until frozen. Scroll down to purchase the pumpkin mold pictured below. 
how to make pumpkin spice dog treats
I don't know who couldn't wait for these to set up more, me or the dogs. Aren't they just adorable?!
healthy pumpkin spice dog treats shaped into pumpkins
If you follow us on Instagram, we posted an IG Story of a glimpse of the Goldens in the kitchen while I was whipping these up. Bruin was ready to dive right into pumpkin heaven!
golden retriever dog with pumpkin spice dog treats
Miley couldn't wait to get her chompers into her pumpkin treat!
golden retriever taking a bite of pumpkin spice dog treats
This recipe made 14 little pumpkins, something tells me I should have made more! 
three golden retrievers waiting to eat pumpkin spice dog treats
I think for the next batch I will add in some peanut butter or bananas - that'll really get them drooling!

You can find the pumpkin shaped silicone mold like ours online, we purchased ours through Amazon.
We are a participant in Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. If you click on the Amazon link below and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission to maintain our blog.

a homemade recipe for pumpkin spice dog treats
Have you hopped on the Pumpkin bandwagon yet? 
Do you think your dog would like these treats?
Let us know in the comments below!


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