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October 19, 2010

The Convo...

A conversation with me and myself:

me: Don't you just love this time of year when the leaves fall and mom and dad put them in a nice big pile for you to jump in? That's why they do it, right?!

myself: Yup! Look at Maggie playing hide n' seek in the leaves! What is she seeking?

me: My guess is, she is trying to seek ME!!!

myself: hmmm, where are you? In the leaves?
me: Nope, guess again!

myself: hiding in the bushes?

me: Wrong again....I'm in the house!!!!!

 myself: Sweet Jesus!!! Why?

me: mom said I'm a flight risk (air quotes)....whatever I don't care to have leaves in places unknown anyways!

myself: You, a flight risk? Yeah....I can see that.

me: Fine! I didn't feel like jumping in the leaves!!! I had other things on my agenda to do first...
1. relieve myself on the neighbors lawn...
2. surprised our other neighbor as he was raking leaves...
3. needed to find out what is in those damn bushes across the street.

myself: Cool!

me: pssst! There's a video but mom doesn't know how to put it on the 'puter! BOL!

myself: aaahhhh, you don't want to show her because then it will go viral, right?!  You do know that dad is the 'puter geek, don't ya?!

me: sssshhhhhh and whatever you do DON'T tell Maggie!!!

myself: my guess, bloggies, is to stay tuned! 

But for now here are some more pics of Maggie!!


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