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February 18, 2011

A Whole Lotta Nuttin'

So my big sister, Kailey is always asking what I do when she is at school and I am home ALL day long....

well, your looking at it! Pretty much all day I lay on your bed and listen for the bus to bring you back home.

I NEED TO GET A LIFE....or maybe just a hobby...or a new toy...maybe a vacation????

But guess what! It's school vacation next week so I don't need to get anything but lots of luvin'!!! BOL!!!

Happy Furday!!!!

February 17, 2011

It's a Birthday!!!!

Happy 7th Birthday to my best little sister, Jordyn!!!

Here are some pictures of us growing up together over the past year...

Did you know I was Jordyn's present for her 6th birthday? Yup, it was love at first sight!!

She did everything with me. Here we are playing vet...I was pretending to be dead!

Here she is reading me a bedtime story because she thought I missed my mom!

 She's a big fan of playing vet, me...not so much, but I play along anyway!

 She even let me borrow her boogie board

I love watching her play zhu zhu pets and of course there's the vet case again, just in case I get ill!

 She shared her s'more with me even though she had no intention in doing so!

If you ask me, she's the best little sister a pup could ever ask for!!!

Happy Birthday, Jordyn! I can't wait for another whole year of growing up with you!!


February 14, 2011


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