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October 31, 2011

Howlween Postponed!!!!!

My Howlween has been POSTPONED, no Trick or Treating for us tonight!!!

Who has EVER heard of such a thing???? Many are still without power and lots of trees and wires are down because of the snow.

There IS a bright side to this, mom still gave us our treats tonight and we didn't have to get dressed up into silly costumes....yet. Instead we decided to show everyone our zombie eyes in hopes that mom will forget all about dressing us up...
I really wish "wait" would be banned in this house! It's extremely annoying when you have a sister who just doesn't get it!
This is my really annoyed face...
Finally we get to dive in, me first of course...

and Maggie diving right in....who says dogs need thumbs?!

See, I taught her well...dessert first! Now I just have to teach her how to share!!!!


If you haven't been watching the tube lately,  let me fill you in pups....we just had a ginormous snowstorm here in my neighborhood this weekend!!! Can you say craaaazyyyy????

It started Saturday afternoon with the biggest snowflakes you could only dream about! Mom let me out as soon as they started to fall and of course I had to practice my snow angels...

This is what it looked like right before it was dark...
and this is what it looked like the next morning...

Time for some snow zoooomies with Maggie!!!

Don't even think of making me come in, Mom! Does this face look like I'm joking????
p.s. Mom says it's Howlween today. Good news - she has treats for us... Bad News - we have to wait til dad gets out of work! Whaaaaat????? Doesn't she know that dogs don't have patience?????

October 28, 2011

White Halloween

Are you dreaming of a white Halloween because we sure are!!!!

It snowed last night and we are getting another storm this to our furry ears!!!!

Ummmm, mom says I can only speak for myself and Maggie, the humans are not impressed with the white stuff this early. BOL!!!

October 27, 2011

The Art of Swimming

Today we're going to wrap up our summer pics because guess what!?!?!? We are getting SNOW today!!!!! Its only going to be a couple inches but Maggie and I can't wait! This is going to be the kind of snow that turns the grass into a beautiful snowy/muddy mess - a perfect mix if you ask me!

So what kind of swimmer are you? Do you like to take a plunge like Maggie???
Or do you like to slowly get your paws wet and ever so gently glide into the water like me...
Do you dunk your head to get the toys under the water like Maggie?
Or do you just like to swim around and take every precaution not to get your head wet like me...
  I am very content with just doing the doggie paddle around the pool...
   Maggie on the other hand would much rather jump in and do tricks with dad...
     As you can see she takes her pool diving very seriously! BOL!!!!

October 23, 2011

It's That Time Again...

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! We played in the leaves and painted a pumpkin but before I can share the pics I promised some more of the summer!

This was Maggie's way of telling dad that it was time to open the pool...

Can we preeeetty pleeeeeease open the pool, dad???? Who can say no to these two faces?!?!?

October 20, 2011

The Case Of The Fuuurever Lazies!

I know, I know it's been FUUUREVER since we have posted anything! Mom someone in this house has had a serious case of the lazies! For some reason, all that boring human stuff has to come before OUR fun.

Not to worry though, Maggie and I will have you caught up in no time!

As you can see in the background, I am still helping mom out in the gardens. That butterfly bush was just getting too darn big. Mom was so grateful...really, she always says that she wouldn't know what she would do without me!

 Here we are helping scrub the yummy bits off the bottom of the pan before it heads for the washy monster.

 After all the chores, I just love to chill with my stuffies...for as long as they will last anyway!
What?!? You didn't think I changed after all this time, did ya???


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