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January 27, 2012

The Stench(er)

Happy Friday Peeps!!!

It's a rainy Friday here and that means two things....

1. The rain is quickly melting the snow away but more importantly

2. I am banned from going outside because when mom lets me out I like to go to the farthest corner of the yard and stand in the pouring rain while she screams calls my name to come in.

Ummm, she tends to forget that I'm a water dog and that does include rain!!!

Anywho! Remember my post about "the stench"? Well we have possibly discovered who's stink I was rolling around in.

Dad was having trouble getting Maggie to come in the house one night, he thought she was playing around with the cat.....

Yeah....that don't look like no cat! Eek!!!

Can you believe my silly sister was trying to play with a possum????

She couldn't understand why he was playing dead!!!


January 24, 2012

In The Kitchen

Yup, I spent the weekend in the kitchen, probably one of my favorite rooms in the house! You never know what goodies will happen to "fall" into your mouth!!

It started out as the perfect weekend, it was snowing...but since Maggie can't romp around in the snow with me it's just not as much fun so I decided to make her some biscuits to lift our spirits up!

Please don't laugh, I do it to please Mom....

Santa Paws gave us a box of biscuit mix,  just pour it in the bowl, add water and a little bit of oil and let the mixer do the work!

Now roll it out and most importantly....

Give it a lick to make sure it's tasty!

Next, make sure you have a very cute sous chef to help you cut out the dog bone shapes, don't be afraid to give it a sniff...

Bake them in the oven and patiently wait for Mom to tell you they're done.

If you could only smells these delicious biscuits, I wonder if they taste as good as them smell...

Who says you have to wait for them to cool?!?! Maggie is going to LOVE these!!!

I think this is just what she needed!!

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January 19, 2012


That's about all we've been doing this week, hanging around.

Maggie's hip has been bothering her quite a bit so I have been staying by her side until she feels better.

January 12, 2012


That's right!!! It's finally snowing!!!!

 Now who's coming out to play?!?!?!?

January 9, 2012


If "bored" had a picture next to it in the dictionary this is what it would look like

Is it too difficult to ask for just a little bit of snow this winter??? After all we do live in New England!

So instead of picking ice balls out of my paws I am playing hide n' seek with the cat....

Anyone want to play???

January 6, 2012

The Delivery

Happy Friday Peeps!!!!

We had a BIG surprise delivered to us last week! Mom said that Santa Paws couldn't fit it on his sleigh so he had it sent to our house!!

We just couldn't imagine what was inside the box!

We had to make sure it passed the sniff test...can you guess what it is???

A ginormous new BED!!!! Dad is telling us that we have to share it and that it's NOT a giant stuffie or chew toy.

Ummm, aren't we suppose to be testing it out???

Now that's better! I'm not so sure about this sharing rule but I will give it a try.

This is the perfect bed for Maggie, it's orthopedic memory foam so it is wonderful for her bad hip and joints.

Sweet dreams, move over!!!!

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January 3, 2012


This may look like an ordinary picture to you but I can assure you that there are some things in this picture that has us scratching our heads....

  • Dad took us for a walk WITHOUT mom!! Paws up for that one!

  • He even let us go off leash on the way back home! That deserves two paws up!!

  • But sadly, it's January and we still have NO SNOW!!! Paws down, BOOOOOO!!!!!

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

We are paaaaawtied out!!!

Even Belle got a little bit tipsy...

Well, before we take a couple aspirin and head back to bed we'd like to share some of our New Years Resolutions with you...

  • We will try to remember that Belle's litter box is not a cookie jar
  • We will try to not invade Belle's "privacy" with our noses
  • We will try to eat less used tissues
  • We will try to leave Dad's socks on the floor where they "belong"
  • We will try to eat less poop AND not come in the house with a big kiss for Mom

Please share one of your resolutions with us!


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