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December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

I am making sure I get a nice long nap in today since we get to stay up and watch the ball drop tonight!!!

But before we say hello to 2012, lets say goodbye to 2011!

December 30, 2011

Before and After

I am going to sum up Christmas morning in two words for you...



That is all.

We have been hunting for our other new toys and treats but mom hid them after she witnessed the massacre!


December 25, 2011

The Spa

Well???? Have you guessed what our early Christmas present was??? Here were the clues from yesterday's post.

What could possibly rhyme with wetfart?!

We should have known!!!

I thought mom was taking us in to pick out our OWN pressies but as soon as we turned the corner and I heard the buzzy sound I put the brakes on!

Does Santa Paws really care if we are groomed and smell good?!?!

Mom told us to think of it as a "spa" day. Really?!

After hours of being poked and prodded we were FINALLY done!

Dad gasped when he saw the bows in my hair. Tell me about it, how humiliating!!

Stop laughing!!! These bows are only going to last for another .2 seconds!

We are so exhausted that you will have to wait til tomorrow to see our Christmas goodies!

But first.....

We'd like to wish a very merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!

December 24, 2011

Thank you

We'd like to send out a big thank you to all our furiends from across the country to around the world for sending us their holiday cheer. We loved reading each and every card and ecard!!!!

We hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday and a happy New Year!!!

Just for what it's worth....

Card totals:

Us - 56
Humans - 27


Maggie and I have been practicing our cutest puppy faces and are even willing to keep these ridiculous headbands on in hopes that we will get lots of yummy grub tonight!!!

What'da think?!?!?

p.s. Mom says that she has an early Christmas present for us today.

We asked her for some clues:

  • you can't open it
  • it involves a ride in the car
  • it smells good but is not edible
  • it rhymes with wetfart


December 23, 2011

December 22, 2011

Dear Santa

I've been thinking a lot lately about this past year. Have I REALLY been good? Good enough to get lots of pressies from Santa Paws????

I would really like to know the criteria he uses to decide between the naughty and good list. I personally think it should be based on a percentage and not the actual number of naughty things I've done. Right?!

I truly feel that 99.% of the time I have been pretty good, it's that 1% that has me shaking in my fur....that 1% I was really kinda naughty.

Mom always says that I have selective hearing....well maybe Santa has selective memory! BOL!!

Since we have to follow so many rules around here for Santa, I only hope he follows my one rule for him....

Dear Santa Sign from Black Water Trading Co Etsy Shop

Just another reason why I love Etsy so much!!

December 19, 2011

The Jar

Today is the day that we look forward to ALL month's the day when we hear mom scraping the bottom of the PEANUT BUTTER jar, that sound is music to our ears and makes our whiskers water!

Today was a little different though, I was especially hungry and totally forgot all about the rules of sharing.

So I fled to my bed to get my p'butter fix...

...and then to the couch...

  ...and finally under the table.

 Whats a girl gotta do to get a little privacy!!

Mom was super annoyed with me so after an hour of licking I decided to give Maggie a few licks of her own...

 Silly dog doesn't even realize I licked the jar clean! BOL!

I'm just going to keep my eyes closed in hopes that mom will stop staring at me....

I know I forgot my manners today but it was worth every last lick!!!

December 16, 2011

Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pets

 We received these safety tips from our Vet and wanted to share them with our furiends so we can all have a safe holiday!

Holiday Hazard

How to keep your pet safe

Dangerous Foods

The following can be toxic to pets: chocolate, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, garlic, onion, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, bread dough, and sugar-free candy and gum containing the artificial sweetener xylitol.

Regular Foods

Despite tradition, bones should never be given to pets. Even beef, ham, and other "regular" foods that are not considered toxic can cause illness in pets. If your pet is a moocher, keep a saucer of his regular treats on the table to offer when he asks. He probably won't know the difference!

New Treats and Toys

Even a pet-safe treat can cause stomach upset if it is new to your pet. Offer only one of these at a time (ideally, separated by a few days). If your pet becomes ill after eating a holiday treat, it will be easier to trace the source and discontinue it. Also, check new toys for sharp edges, pieces that can be chewed off, or other potential hazards.


Hazardous plants include mistletoe, some evergreens (including some types of pine), and holly bushes and berries. Try to keep these plants away from pets, or at least supervise pets when dangerous plants are nearby.


Tinsel, tree ornaments, ribbons, string, and garlands are some items that can be dangerous if eaten by pets. Keep these items away from pets — especially when pets are unattended. Don't forget to cover any electrical cords or keep them out of reach.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Monitor pets near fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, candles, and portable heaters. Also, don't forget to check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are functioning properly. Space heaters, furnaces, and idling cars (in a garage) can increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in pets and humans.

Christmas Trees

Monitor your pets when they are around your holiday tree. Pets may eat the needles (even from artificial trees) or drink water from the base of the tree, which can be toxic (especially if there are preservatives in it). Keep electrical cords and decorative lights out of reach, too.

December 5, 2011

Human Stress

We all know how every year around this time our humans get totally STRESSED OUT!

I don't inderstand why they just don't let Santa Paws take care of everything like he usually does or perhaps maybe they should take a lesson from us pups...


Happy Monday Furiends!!!

December 1, 2011

Family Dog Bakery Giveaway Winner!!

We have a winner winner chicken dinner!!

Well, not really a chicken dinner but we do have a lucky winner!

The winner for the Family Dog Bakery Holiday Gift Basket is.....


Khyra from Khyra's Khorner

Congratulations, Khyra! We will be emailing you shortly for your information!

Thanks to everyone who entered and a huge thanks to Family Dog Bakery!!!


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