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July 24, 2009

Doctor’s Orders….

  • Exercise restriction for 10-14 days: leash walks for elimination only. (how embarrassing)
  • No running, jumping, long walks or rough playing with other dogs. (yeah, that’s what they think)
  • No bathing or swimming (this is my favorite one)
  • If your dog is licking or chewing at the incision, the cone needs to be worn at all times for 10-14 days. (shhhhh, I think they overlooked this one)
  • Food should be given in a few small meals throughout the day. (I think their trying to starve me, do I look thin?)

DSC00943 What’s a poor dog to do with all these order’s and restrictions?!?!


Only six more days, I know I can do it!!! Then I will be free as a bird to do whatever I want!!!! Wait a second….I wonder if this means at the end of six days I will be back in the CRATE at night?!?!? Just have to wait and see I guess…sigh. In the meantime, I think I’m going to come up with some Canine Orders, stay tuned!!!


  1. the important thing is that u get well soon, dear friend. so be a good girl.
    love, kimba

  2. Miley! Be a good girl and you are all recovered in no time. Looking forward to hear your canine orders.

  3. You gotta do what you gotta do. In no time it will be over. Unfortunately, I suspect that you have no idea that all of this happened because you just had to swallow that rock, so don't be surprised if Mom and Dad supervise you a lot more closely.

  4. If it means you are going to be 100% again, it's worth following the doc's orders.

    We are so glad to hear things are progressing nicely.

    Good looking rock by the way.

  5. Miley, you are doing so good. Only 6 more days, that is wonderful news! Take care, Farley

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhh poor Miley!!!!!!!!
    but if the vet gave you those orders is only because he (and we) wants you feel better soon!!!!!! a good girl and everything will finish soon!!!!!!!
    We're thinking of you every day!!!!!!
    take care sweet baby!!
    We love you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend...
    and your eyes are sooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!

  7. Get well soon. It's a bummer being sick.

  8. Oh Miley, I sure hope your learned your lesson...

  9. Sam wishes you a speedy recovery and best of luck! No more eating strange things - even if they taste kinda tastey!


  10. Getting better is the most important part. You are furry fortunate to have such a good momma that takes only the bestest care of you. It is a good thing.

  11. Hi Miley,

    Just four more days now! You can do it!!


  12. Oh can do it.....then you are a free girl. Enjoy your rest.



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