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July 16, 2009


Just wanted to thank everyone for all the well wishes for Miley. We took her for another x-ray today and the rock didn’t budge so we decided surgery would be the way to go. And to our surprise they took her in right then. Poor thing didn’t know what to think, but the doctor just called and the surgery was a success!!! She will be spending the next two days there and then home for some much needed TLC!!!

Miley’s Mom

Miley Vet 5Here we are waiting for the news….

Miley Vet 6saying goodbye and good luck…

Miley Vet 4

Too busy sniffing to know what’s about to happen


  1. Sooooo glad to hear that Miley is going to be okay! Lots of get well smooches to Miley.

  2. Oh Miley! We were so hoping the medicine would move that rock along. We are relieved to hear the surgery went well though. Hopefully you've learned a lesson!

    Wags & wiggles,

  3. Oh poor Miley. No rock eating. Rock eating is bad.

    Feel better fast. You will feel much better when you get home.

    Hoover BPD

  4. Well, at least they were able to get you in asap. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  5. Dear Miley,
    I hope you get better very soon!


  6. You did the very best thing for your dog. Several years ago my cocker spaniel swallowed a small ball, the kind that come with jacks. It lodged between his stomach and lower intestine. If he hadn't had surgery we could have lost him.

    Wishing your precious pooch an uneventful recovery.

  7. Miley, you swallowed a rock? Yikes! I am glad the surgery went well. Now you need to recover & NO more rocks after that!

    Solid Gold Momma

  8. I'm wishing Miley all the best. Hurry home!

  9. Hey there, Miley (and family)

    We are so sorry that the medication didn't work, but we are glad that the news was eventually good and the surgery a success.

    These things are soooo frightening!
    Hope Miley gets better real soon and that you guys feel better too.
    Lotsaluv and licks
    Maxdog in South Africa

  10. Miley,

    I eat sticks!! Mom says that I could have to go through what you are if I don't stop. I think I will stop! I am glad that you are going to be ok!!


  11. Wow am I sorry to hear this - we are hoping for the best!

  12. Hi Miley,
    I hope you will feel better soon and don't eat any more rocks. I better be careful.....I like rock too. Get some rest my friend.

  13. Ohhhhhhhhh Poor Miley!!!!!
    We are so sorry that the medication didn't work!!!!!!!
    But we are glad that the surgery have had success!!!!!!
    Now you're like Paco!!!!!
    Your Belly will have a special look!!!!
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeee.....take care of you sweet baby.....and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee....don't eating rocks more after that ok?????!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We love youuuuuu!!!!!!!
    Hope you feel beter soon!!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks and lots of cuddles on your belly!!!!!

  14. Oh no! How scary! We are so happy to hear everything went well.

    Take care and feel better soon!

  15. I know that must have thrown you for a real loop when they just took Miley right in. Glad to hear that the post op news is good. to keep her from eating rocks again. Take car of that sweet baby. :-)

  16. Hey miley,
    its nice to meet you. Im glad to hear your surgery went well, and i hope you feel better and get lots of rest!

    lotsa love

  17. Oh no, poor little Miley :( I'm glad the surgery went well, but dang it, quit eating those rocks! Sending healing vibes from Augie and Ti!

  18. I'm sure Miley is in great hands! Have a safe recovery and keep the rocks at bay!

  19. We hope you are home now and starting to feel better Miley! I hope you can resist those delicious rocks now, I know it's hard - they taste so good.

  20. Hey Miley, I know what it's like spending a night in the clinic! I know, I know... it's not that bad, but we are much better at home with our parents, aren't we? :))

    Licks and licks, Bart ^^

  21. I hope you have a speedy recovery! Quit eating rocks!



  22. This was our first visit to your blog...sorry to hear about your rock mishap...hope you're feeling much better now...

    Us Labs eat anything too, so we understand!
    Hugs and Rubs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  23. Hey Miley

    We hope that you are up and around and feeling better soon. Stay away from those rocks.

    Tucker and Daisy



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