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August 13, 2009

ANOTHER Trip to the Vet!!!!!

Yup, you heard it right, I had to go back to the vets again!!!! Not because I thought mom’s purse was getting too fat and thought she should donate some of her money to them…not because I missed my vet and stopped in for a visit…not because I wanted to go back into the cage and listen to all those dogs howl till the wee hours of the morning!!! Nope, mom said I smelled, smelled like what you ask?!?! Apparently she thinks us dogs are suppose to smell like roses. Well maybe I don’t want to smell like a rose, maybe I like to smell like death, as she puts it!!! Hey, I never said my s*%# didn’t stink!! So off to the vets I went and let me just say (without going into too much detail), Dr. Moss got a little too close for comfort to my derriere. She said that’s where the stink was coming from…I’ll just let you use your imagination on what happened next…how humiliating!!! Next thing I know I hear a buzzing sound…NO WAY was I letting her take the buzzy down there!!!! But before I knew it she was up around my face and neck with it and that’s where she discovered….

*CAUTION for all you canines with queasy bellies*


….hot spots!!!! Yup, I’ve been itching like crazy for days and no one even noticed!!! Now look at me, I look pitiful!!!! I’m sure you can guess what’s coming next…that damn lampshade!!! Oh, and don’t forget the famous “doctor’s orders”, only this time I have pills, powders and sprays added to them.


Ya know, I have a strange feeling that all of this could have been prevented it they would have just read their book that the man in the big brown truck delivered awhile back. The title sure does suit them well, I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!


See what I mean, it speaks for itself!!! Maybe instead of hogging the ‘puter all day, they should catch up on some reading!!!


So until these spots clear up… I’ll be here, laying in front of my fan, wearing this ridiculous lampshade!! Oh, I’m definitely milking this one for all it’s worth!!!


  1. Miley,
    I had hot spots last summer for the first time. They just wouldn't heal no matter what my mom and my vet did. Then Mom remembered that hot spots are from bacteria on the skin that when I scratched I got into the tissues and the blood and wet environment makes them grow too fast. She thought about it and it made sense to her that if when she scrubs in the OR she uses betadine to kill germs on the skin before the surgeon cuts it. Hmmm......If it kills germs in the OR, lets let it kill germs on me. She swabbed betadine on my hot spots twice a day until they were gone. It only took a few days! We had been treating those things with all different stuff from the vet for WEEKS!! Why didn't Mom think of that sooner? Tell your mom to keep the hair trimmed back from the sores until they completely heal and to try the betadine ( you get it at the drugstore or walmart, etc. ). It works! Now my vet does it too. He should have paid Mom for the treatment.
    Get better!

    again to the vet!!
    you look sooooooooo sad wearing that ridiculous lampshade!!!
    But don't worry baby...we love you a lot with your lampshade too!!!!
    Hope your hotspot can disappear soon and you feeling better early!!!!
    Ohhh baby...we would love to be with you and take care and cuddle you a lot!!!!
    you need the best things ever after all your mishap!!!
    Let us know how is going soon ok?????
    You're sooooooooooo special for us!!
    We send you tons of love and special kisses and cuddles!!!!

  3. Hi Miley!
    You are such a cute golden! We're so sorry to hear about your hot spots though, and we hope they heal up really fast! Lampshades are no fun at all!

    Do you want to play Paw it Forward? If so, send me an email at lynnski 61 at hotmail dot com!

  4. Oh Miley, we are sorry that you have hot spots. They are no fun. And of course the lampshade isn't fun either. We hope you get well soon.

    Sam & June

  5. Yikes Miley!

    Feel better
    wags n' woofs from goldens morgan & mully

    ps.. you look very cute in your lampshade.

  6. Oh Miley,
    So sorry you are itching with sores!! The lamp shade will help, so bare with it for a while!!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  7. Arg! Hang in there pal. I have't expereinced those lovely annoyances yet...but, I am sure I will!
    Mom has 'Puppies for Dummies!' (I've been able to get a few snaggle-tooths in on this book...just helping make a few less pages for mom to read!)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  8. Hi there, Miley's Mom
    Shame...these Vet's trips can break the bank! We are sorry for you.
    I must agree with "Golden Tracks"..Betadine is the best. In fact some years ago, Max was really bad. For him it was the combination of heat and swimming. We shave him regularly now in summer (the temps here get really uncomfortable), we treat him with Betadine shampoo and he gets banned from the pool. I was really sad to do this at first, but his 'happiness' factor really sky-rocketed.
    We're thinking of you...its a hard one to beat.
    Lots of love

  9. Wow MIley you sure have a lot of Golden furiends. Cool!

    So sorry about the hot spots and the lampshade. I hope you get better soon.

    Wags & wiggles,

  10. Miley -
    We stopped by to thank you for visiting our blog and yikes! You're a big hot mess!!! The lampshade has brought back bad memories for all of us and the #2 hole check.... eww, we shudder! Maybe we'll come back when you're having a better day.

    Lots of treats,
    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  11. Poor baby, Miley. I'm so very sorry. Get well soon.

  12. Oh Miley! I´m so sorry to hear about your hot spots and that ridiculous lampshade. Hope you get better very soon!


  13. Oh, those danged hot spots. Thank goodness we've never had them. Hope they clear up soon.

  14. Oh, Miley!
    You've been bitten, girl. They are everywhere, VAMPIRES! Don't you get it? Those are puncture marks from their super, super sharp canines.
    Nway, get well soon!

  15. Hi Miley,
    thanks for reading my bloggy.
    Your hot spots look horrid- you should defo get special loves and attention for that.
    Liffey's healig licks to you

  16. Oh noooooo, poor you.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  17. Hi Miley,
    So sorry you are under the weather. Believe it or not we've never had even one hot spot. Can you believe it? Did the vet say if you have allergies? Sometimes food allergies or environmental allergies can be the big cause of hot spots. A lot of our Newfy pals use Listerine and Gold Bond powder to fix the spots...but I'm sure your vet has it under control. Hope you feel better soon!

    Gabe & Murphy

  18. P.S. Genetian violet works well do. Be careful though. It's really dark purple and stains so make sure you apply it in an area without carpet. Good luck!

  19. Oh Miley! You poor thing! You just can't catch a break. Okay, the first trip....gotta admit, kinda your fault. This one though...tough break. Get better

  20. Oh Miley, you are having such a rotten day! I'm so sorry you have to wear the lamp shade, but I promise it will help you. I love the last picture - with you and the fan!


  21. We are so sorry about your hot spots and the lamp shade and the, uhm, tender bottom problem. We are hoping that it all gets better real soon and never, ever comes back.

  22. Can't believe I've missed so much - my lazy secty!!!!! You poor girl - I hope by today, you are feeling a bit better. Very weird, but I had one show up about 5 days ago, but very little on my front knee. Mama kept wrapping it in bandages with spray, but I kept tearing it all apart the moment she wasn't looking bol! I had to have the soft lampshade for a day or so, but not nearly as bad as you have it, dear Miley. You've had your share of uckies lately. Sending you pawsitive vibes for great health in future!
    Huggers xo

  23. Oh Miley, we totally feel your pain about the hot spot! Jill is still on the tail end (pardon the pun) of the healing process, and it's taking forever. They are looking much better, but still not 100% healed.

    If it gets to the point where you just can't take the lampshade anymore, try some thick sock on your back legs. (preferrable the ones with the grippy things on them) We have been using those on Jill and they allow her to walk around without the lampshade, but still keep her from scratching.

    We hope you heal fast!!

  24. Wow - so sorry!

    But you look just like me - I have been in my cone for almost 2 months now, because of hot spots.

    I get them every single summer - I guess that's why they call them hot spots!

    feel better!



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