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August 21, 2009

A Trip….Without Me?!?!?!

Hi furiends, sorry I haven’t been blogging. As you can see from my last post, I’ve gotten myself into a little trouble…again!! Mom grounded me from the puter’ for a few days, so I’m suppose to be learning my lesson whatever that means. She has let me post today only to tell you some terrible, terrible news!!! Today the family is putting all their clothes into these big boxes with wheels and I’ve noticed nobody has given me one, mom says “they” are going away for 9 days!! Do you think “they” includes ME….nope!!!! Where you ask??They are going far away in the sky to see a mouse with big ears, what’s so big about a mouse, I’m sure we have lots of those around here!!! So whose going to take care of me?!?! Who’s going to give me my treats, belly rubs and prepare my meals just the way I like them?!?!? Who’s going to help me blog?!? The word around the house is I’m going to the kennel and Belle gets to stay home with her own personal caretaker!!! Are you kidding me?!?! How hard is it to take care of a cat, all she does is sleep all day, she has access to her food 24/7 and she poops in a box!!! Mom says it will be good for me to be around other dogs and make some new furiends so at the kennel she signed me up for playland…whoopee!!!! I’m not impressed at all!!!!


So today I’m just going to spend the day giving everyone my sad puppy eyes, hoping they will change their minds!!! Wish me luck!!!!

p.s. does anyone have a couch I can crash on for 9 days????


  1. Your always welcome on our couch Miley!!!!

    Eclipse and his mom

  2. Hey Miley
    You can come and crash on our couch - IF YOU DON'T SHRED IT?!! I'll talk to Mom, but I think its ok. You and Tammy and I can gang up on the cats in the neighbourhood. How about it, buddy? ...No more sad eyes now.
    Lots of licks
    ps. You can swim, right?! ...because I think we have an ocean between us.

  3. I'm so sorry Miley. I hate to hear news like this. If there's any way you can find Kansas, we have lots of room and you can stay with us. If you left towards evening, you could follow the setting sun. Then just look for a sign that says Kansas.

  4. Miley, your eyes do look especially sad. 9 whole days. Too bad - but on the bright side maybe there will be some fun pups to play with. We wouldn't want M & D to leave us either.
    Ernie & Sasha

  5. Hey Miley,

    You can come on over to my house. My humans will let you sleep in the big bed. They let my cousin sleep in the big bed when he is here.

    Doggies are allowed on all the furniture too.

    I don't know what a kennel is but maybe it could be fun.

    Hoover BPD

  6. You can come stay with us, Miley. We will make sure you are fed and walked and get the tickly spot behind the ears scratched. Think of your trip to the kennel as going away to camp!


  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh POOR Sweet girl...
    your eyes are soooooooooooooooo sad!!!!
    We hate read this sad news...
    But don't worry!!!!!
    Pleaseeeeeeee....prepare your baggage and come here!!!
    We'll share with you our beds...our humans' beds...our food...our toys..our pool and we'll bring you with us at the beach!!!
    Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We're waiting youuuuuu!!!!

  8. I know what you mean Miley! My humans went somewhere where they served "margaritas and had marachi bands", according to mom that is.... Why can't they just stay in one place. If you're lucky though, they will gush all over you and bring you back something really great like my humans did!

  9. Hi Miley,

    That really is some sad news! I would be very sad if my mom went off and left me for NINE days and nights. But you never know, the kennel might be kinda fun. Think of it as a big adventure. Just be sure and keep up the sad puppy face so they bring you back lots of treats and toys.

    Of course you are welcome to come stay with us but it would probably take you nine days of walking to get here.

    Wags & wiggles,

  10. Good job on the sad eyes, we are surprised you didn't get better results. Start walking west, and you will be here in a day or two. No dogs allowed on the couch, but we have 2 dog beds, a nice yard and lots of dog toys.

    Tucker and Daisy

  11. Don´t be sad, Miley. You can stay with us if you want. We will take care of you!

  12. You don't want to stay home with a cat, anyway, that would be so boring! We are hoping that the times asses for you quickly and that you are home soon loving on your momma.

    Come on over today and help us get the word out to the Eagles about Mr. Vick! We has a furry im-paw-tant bloggy post taday!

  13. Sending you lots of hugs and rubs until your family returns!

  14. This is dreadful news! A kennel?! yikes! no wonder such the sad face!
    Are they going to see the mouse with big ears in Orlando?! If so, come with them and stay with me! I only live a half an hour from that stupid mouse! BOL!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  15. Totally no fair!!!
    Well, we hope you can at least try to have some fun at the kennel.

    Sam & June

  16. Oh Miley!!! You can come here!! We'll play, get belly rubs, go to the parkie...visit other fuzzies...we can do all that. Come on over!!!
    Be safe 'there' for the 9 days. They will go fast!!

    Hope to hear from you again soon.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  17. You can stay with me, and if you want the couch, we have 2 to pick from, but you can even have your own bed!!
    We have tons of room!



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