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October 29, 2009

Breaking News!!!!

I am interrupting everyone’s blog’s today for some breaking news….squirrels have taken over my yard!!!! They are invading my trees, bushes and every square inch of my territory!!!!
If I could only climb this damn tree I know I could eradicate them all myself!!! Since that probably won’t be happening I’ve decided this is a job for Operation Whack-A-Squirrel

Commander Tank are you out there?!?!? I need you to call in your troops and get them over here!!!! I’ve tried to sneak up on them but I think the best approach would be a “Shock and Paw”. Don’t worry if we don’t have enough resources…mom has lots of treats, bones, biscuits and hot dogs here for the troops. I found a big jar of pennies, that should cover the cost of fuel. I will set up a make-shift headquarters in my back yard and start mapping out our plan of attack. I will let you decide if you want to draft the troops or let them volunteer on their own.The only thing left would be a post-war plan…can’t forget that!! We’ve got to accomplish this mission, if the neighborhood cats get to them before us I will never live it down!!!


  1. Hi Miley!

    Sadie has been teaming up with the cats, but she lives with two cats.

    Our friend Frankie is having a lot of problems to, they even took over his blog.

    Sadie is willing to help because the rodents have to be stopped.

  2. The only way I could go in right now is undercover...But if you think that would help...:-)


  3. Hey there, Miley
    Geesh...that's an invasion for sure! If I had some sort of cruise liner, submarine or aircraft, I would join you in the squirrel hunt, but Im not sure if I'd make it through cusoms either.
    How about contacting Cloud the wonderdog...he's a specialist!
    Lotsoflicks and paws crossed for a speedy defeat.

  4. Damn squirrels!!! Why do people think they're "cute"?? If they actually knew what they were up to! Argh!

    Fight on brave solider, I'm holding down my front here...stupid squirrels!! >:(

  5. Hmmmm, those look like inviso-squirrels to me. They are the most dangerous kind!

  6. This is disturbing news Miley. As Sadie already mentioned, Frankie Furter has been having mega problems with rodents lately. They seem to have regrouped since June (when the peace accord was signed) and are wreaking havoc on all fronts. Try to keep them at bay until help arrives.

    BTW, you might want to reconsider using the neighborhood cats... some of them are very effective!

  7. This is very upsetting! Those squirrels are such pests! We hope you get them all.

    Sam & June

  8. If you need more troops let me know and I will round up the Minnesota troops! We are ready!

  9. Hi Miley,

    We are under attack here too. The tree rats are very brazen this time of year. We had one sitting on our porch swing yesterday. Mom tried to get a picture as evidence but he escaped before she could.

    Watch out they don't drop sticks on your head. They are sneaky like that!


  10. Reporting for duty Sgt. Miley. I hate those blasted a$$ rodents too. I have been unsuccessful in my previous squirrel missions so I am more than due to take a unit out.
    I believe my groundhog skills will one day pay-off and the squirrels will not know what hit 'em.

    Woofs and squirrely slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  11. You get 'em, Miley! The nerve of them!

  12. We have them here too and they are getting REALLY FAT! I am hoping that will slow them down enough for the jaws of doom.


  13. Oh no! reinforcements are on their way to help w/ those pesky squirrels!

    Teddy Bear

  14. EEKK!! good luck with your squirrel infestation!!

  15. Khan't woo lure them to The Xterra by the tree and then snag 'em?


  16. Hey there Miley - "There's no need to fear - the Beaglebratz are here!" Actually our good friend Underdog shouted those words but I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we borrowed them. Me - Shiloh (God's gift to the hunter) and my little sis, Shasta are both wonderful squirrel and wabbit hunters. Our mom's yard is free from anyone of them critters - they tremble when they hear the door open cause they know we are coming out. Yep, Team Beaglebratz are flying to you in our Sopwith Camels (see, that stupid squirrel told Mr. Framkie Furter that there would be no Beagle in a Sopwith Camel - well in a way that's true - there won't be just one - there will be TWO. Me & sis each have a Sopwith Camel and we are on our way.

  17. Woof! Miley ... with your golden strength for sure you catch those squirrels ... I did n I became friends believe it or not.His name is Fred n he is gone for the season. Lot of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  18. Miley stay strong I am on my way. I am coming from Michigan but since we both live in "M" states I am sure it won't take me very long to get there. I will report to Commander Tank and hope to see you soon. I saw Dory's blog today and I love her with all my heart, but...ummm I don't think she would be of any help right now with that costume and all.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  19. Good luck catching the evil squirrels!


  20. Miley, my favorite game is chasing squirrels, too! Mom says that's how I got my foot messed up, though. I run too fast and can't stop without putting on the brakes. That's how I got that splinter in my paw that caused all these problems...You be careful, Girlfriend!
    My mom says they are going to take up the mulch and plant grass now.

  21. Bark Miley,
    This is Puggle Ariel here, I am Barking Great keeping them squirrels off of human Granny's patio. I will get them for you. Just let me at them. Have a Happy Howellloween and stay on em squirrels!
    Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

  22. Miley, they are everywhere here too!! It's like they're crawling out of the woodwork or something... if I can get someone to cover fur me, I will be there to assist you pronto!!!


  23. Good luck on catching those squirrels, Miley!

  24. Pesky squirrels! Sam's job is to keep the rabbits out of his Grandma's yard - he does a great job, but they don't climb trees!




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