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November 20, 2009

My List

If you've been wondering why I haven't been blogging, I'll have you know that I have been very busy!!!! I've had this "to destroy do" list in my head and I finally just decided to stop procrastinating and just get it done!!!
So today I thought I'd share it with you and of course mom was right there with me to take pictures!!!

So first on my list was the chives, I thought they just needed a bit of flattening. As soon as I came back into the house mom knew exactly what I had been up to just by the smell that followed me...and it wasn't roses!!!

Speaking of roses, that was second on my list. If you can't make this out, it was is mom's rose bush. I just didn't think it was in the right spot, so to save mom time I took it upon myself to dig it out for her. Can you believe I didn't even get a thank you!!!!

Third on my list was dad's beautifully manicured lawn. I have no explanation for this one except that it started out to be a fun game and didn't end well at all!!!

OK, this fourth one dad hasn't seen yet....shhhhhh!!!! It's a GINORMOUS stick that I have found in the garden!!! I'm still working on it and I know he's going to be so proud of me when I finally get it out!!!!

And last on my list is dad's new woodwork. All I can say is that I thought the "distressed" look was a better started out to be a lot of fun....and it ended when I heard dad's truck drive up the street....

....I was sentenced to my bed for the rest of the night!!!! And might I remind you I didn't receive one simple thank you for all my hard work and help (sigh).


  1. Not even a Thank You after all that hard work? Oh! How unfair, Miley! Hee Hee!

  2. Miley, those humans, they are so unappreciative! All we do is to help them and try to make things easier for them and they don't get it!
    Well, we thank you for your hard work. Keep up the good work pal! :)

    Sam & June

  3. So much work, so little time. When Hamish was a puppy not only did he chew along the floor molding but he decided that some of the window sills needed the distressed look.
    Things will get better and you will be forgiven and all will be forgotten.

    Hamish & his tattletale sister Sophie

  4. Oh Miley -
    You've been very busy indeed. I can't believe they didn't appreciate all of your gardening help - and the distressed baseboard is just - well - stunning! - Abbey

  5. Such a busy girl, Miley. We can never understand why they don't appreciate our efforts either.

    Tucker and Daisy

  6. Well, I didn't know that Jack had been to your house!!! I've got the same yard, baseboard and plant pictures that you do.

    I wonder if they've been colluding on how to drive their parents crazy! :)

  7. Hi Miley,

    Wow you sure have been busy! What other things do you have on your "to do" list? BOL


  8. Whew, we're tired just reading about all you've been up to!
    Hoomans don't appreciate all we do for them, huh?
    Hugs and Rubs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  9. Hi Miley.

    I know your frustrations...I don't get any appreciation for similar work I do to my human's yard! Keep up the good work.

    Hugs and Woofs.

  10. Oh Miley you HAVE been busy! I know this probably wasn't funny for the humans, but you really made us laugh with this post. Particularly the ginormous stick you found :o)

  11. I saw one of the Maltese pups on the next street doing some pawesome digging the other day! It looked soooo nice on their white snoot!

    As fur the woodwork modifikhation...are woo sure the vakhuum khleaner monster didn't do that!


  12. woof wooof! great job done! this post kept me laughing for quite some time. those humans just dont appreciate wad we did for them at times. wooof! way to go!

    love, snowie

  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Miley! I'll say, 'right on pal! Good work! Job well done!'....and mom might say 'Oh no!'... But, shhhhh, I'm working on some similar indoor projects over here....not done yet..

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  14. The people have no taste. I have been doing some wood carving on the stairs to my observation deck and nobody appreciates it. Sob.


  15. Woof! Miley ... glad you are back. LOL! on your hardwork.You sure kept yourself very busy for the past days. Lots of Golden LAUGHS, Woof Sugar

  16. Hi Miley
    My name is Jazzi and I came across your blog. Nice to meet you.

    I cant believe they didnt preciate your work!! At least they could say Good Job for getting the To do list done ya know?

    Stop by my blog anytime.

  17. Hi Miley!
    You did very well with your to do list. Too bad your hoomans didn´t understand it.

  18. If I were you I wouldn't do ANY more work until I got a thank you. They aren't being very nice about it, are they? I can understand why you are sad. That took A LOT of work!

  19. Hiiiiiiiiii Mileyyyyyyyyy!!!!
    How are you???
    We missed you sooooooooooo much!!!!
    But as we can see you had tons of things to do!!!!
    And......Not even a Thank You after all that hard work??????
    We can't believe!!!!!
    Humans are sometimes soooooooooooo unappreciative!!!!
    Baby....don't worried about that....
    we're sooooooooooo proud of you!!!!!
    Take a good rest sweety....
    you needed it after all this hard work!!!
    Tons of love and kisses

  20. Wow Miley you have been pretty busy!!

    Sorry about the whole "in trouble thing"...


  21. I think you did a great job, Miley! Especially in the garden. :)


  22. Wow Miley, what a busy bee you were! Sorry the hoomans didn't appreciate your handywork!
    Happy Thanksgiving and may your belly be full of scraps :-)
    Your pal,

  23. Wha--?? They didn't even appreciate all your hard work? Sheesh, what a bunch of ingrates ;-)

    Happy Thanksgiving from Augie and Ti!

  24. You must have spent quite a while out and about, creating all that great work, dear Miley! Whew! What a job! That "distressed" look you created should really increase the value of that room - really!!! Parents can be ingrates! But hope you got some turkey????
    Hugs xo

  25. Hi Miley! I just noticed the nice comments you left us! I like your background ;) Can't wait to read more about your adventures!

  26. Hi Miley!

    We would like to share an award with you, if you could stop by our blog you can get it there.



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