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December 8, 2009

My Wish List

Shhhhh don't tell anyone, but I've been sneaking on the 'puter and surfing the web for the best toys I can find!!! I tried to get the cat to take some pictures for my post today...she wouldn't even hear of it!!! Cat's are soooo snobby!!!! Anyways, today I'm going to share with all my bloggie furiends some of the things I am putting on my wish list for Santa Paws!!! One of my favorites is called Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snowball. It's a bouncy, minty and non-melting snowball, what could be better especially if you live where it never snows!!!! My next favorite is a puzzle toy called Hide A Squirrel, no explanation needed for this one!!!! This  should keep me busy for hours and outta mom's hair!!!! Another good one I found is a  Tennis Tail. It's a tennis ball with a raccoon tail attached!!!! Talk about clever!!! You can check out these toys on my sidebar and maybe if your good enough, you just might find them under your tree!!!!
I hope Santy Paws (hint, hint) reads my blog because for some reason he never seems to get my letters!!!! (sigh)


  1. Those sound like wonderful toys. Maybe I will just send momma a link to YOUR wish list.


  2. Hi Miley!

    Those toys sound real fun.

    I'm sure Santa paws some how knows what you want for Christmas even though he doesn't get you letter, some how he always knows.

  3. HI
    From what I understand, Santa Paws reads all our blogs, so good thing you posted your list. Sounds like some cool toys there. I might have to check these out, ummmthey sound interesting!! I love tennis balls and with a tail, who knew??


  4. Speaking from experience, the Hide-a-squirrel is AWESOME!! Especially when Mom stuffs it with treats as well as squirrels! I hope Santy Claws gets your list!

    *kissey face*

  5. Be careful of those squirrel tails. They can be tricky!

    (And they fall off if you bite them too hard!)

  6. Miley, first thing first, are you sure that you sent your letter to Santa Paws and not tear it all to pieces thinking it's a toy?
    Those toys on your wish list are super cool! We already know mom won't get them for us. She said we(well, only Samantha) just destroy it in no time and she would be wasting her money. NO FAIR!

    Samantha & June

  7. Hi Miley! Those toys you are asking Santa Paws for sure do sound like loads of fun! I am sure Santa Paws will bring you lots of goodies this year!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  8. Oh oh! We hope you get the hide a squirrell! Its fun! Hugs Joey and Kealani

  9. I have been dreaming of Hide a Squirrel too! I hope Santa makes your wishes come true. I better compose a letter too...

  10. I LOVE Planet Dog toys! I have 4, well 3 and a half. That half is the only one I've destroyed!!!! These toys are bouncy, taste good and last a very long time. I have looked at that snowball before but I have the silver "chrome plated" ball and Mom seems to think that is enough. My favorite is the artichoke that is aptly name Artie Choke. I like to introduce Artie Choke to guests when they come to visit.

    I hope Santa brings you all you want!
    Chester ;0=)

  11. Those toys sound like great fun!!

    Toby's Trainer
    SEGDI Raiser

  12. Woo have been a furry busy GiRl!

    Good lukhk!


  13. awww. i hope u get yr presents!! best of luck!!
    those toys sounds fun! i hope i can get them too!


    love, snowie

  14. WOW you have a great list! I think we are going to go to Petco this weekend. I plan to look REALLY hard for the right toys! Gotta get my list ready too!

  15. I bought the boys a Tennis Tail once. Within minutes, they had two toys.... LOL

  16. I think you have covered all bases Miley and get the toys you asked for FUR SURE!!


  17. Sam has his wish list to Santy Paws written too! He had antlers on his list!




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