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January 19, 2010

My Weekend in a Nutshell…..


Wow, who knew having a little sister would be so tiring!!!


Can you say “tail fetish”, mom say’s I have a lot of patience!!


How ‘bout “ear fetish”??? Ouch!!!!


Sometime’s I have to just put my paw down and show her who is boss!!!


Then I feel bad and give her some lovin’…


so I’ll let her think she is winning our game of tug-a-war!!


Mom thought it would be funny to take a pic of me dosing off…just trying to catch up on my beauty sleep!!!!


  1. Kids!! What can you do?????

    Please tell your mom the pictures are fantastic! It must be exciting to hear the patter of little paws running around the house! :)

  2. You're such a good big sister Miley! So patient!!!
    I love the first picture :)

  3. Little brofurs and little sisfurs can really be a pain. We don't have any of those but we have cousins who are just as bad when they come oFUR to see us. The runrunrun and take our toys and then sniff our butts and then drink our water and then want to chase the kitties and that is all in the first TWO SECONDS when they come in the door!☺

  4. We think you are doing a great job with your new sister! The pictures speak for themselves- they are great!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  5. Woof! Woof! How cute!!! You are such a wonderful sister ... LOVE your TAIL Fetish photo. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Miley
    You are such a good big sister. You are smart to teach her and be patient but yah sometimes you just have to put your paw down when enough is enough!!
    The pics are so cute!!

    Mom says you guys have a big election today, not sure what that means but must be big!! lol


  7. That tail'fetish picture is just priceless! Miley, you are such a good big sister. We would love to have a little one to play with.

    Sam & June

  8. You are a wonderful big sister. She sure keeps you busy huh??? Tail & ear fetish??? She loves you already we can tell. What fun as she gets bigger and you can run & chase with her.
    Ernie, Sasha, & Chica

  9. Oh so much fun!!!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  10. Yep Lexi I agree. It sure is alot of work having a little brother or sister around. They are always wanting to play and need snoopervision so they don't get into trouble. Your hoomans might think they got it rough, but they should be thankful you are willing to pupsit. Oh alright I admit the little runts can be fun too.


  11. Cool pics! Looks like you love your little sister. I think I would be scared to get one....I would probably forget and sit on her....

  12. Forgot to congrat on your new sister the other day! but it was Mom's fault!
    Your new sister is so cute!
    And you're such a great sister :o)
    *woof woof* *tail wags*

  13. Hi Miley!
    What wonderful sister you are! Those pictures are so cute!


  14. OOps! Sorry Miley, I mixed up my Goldens and called you Lexi. There are worse things I could call ya though. BOL


  15. At least you don't have to buy Maggie any toys...she has Miley!
    These photos are priceless!

  16. You do have a lot of patience! And it will pay off...a couple of years from now! :)

  17. Miley, you're doing such a great job showing Maggie the ropes. You are a wonderful big sister. My little sister had a tail fetish with my tail when she first came home too. It must be a puppy thing.:)

  18. How sweet! You two are just so cute! :) Puppies are so much fun!


  19. AWW. yr little sister is just SO CUTE!

    love the picture where u lie on her. so sweet!
    and yr dosing off picture is the classic!

    woof woof

  20. Remember that one day you were a baby just like your naughty little sis. ^^

  21. Aaaw, Miley I know exactly how you feel. My little brother is always chomping on my tail.
    He's fun to have around though.
    My mom thinks you and your sister are ADORABLE. We love your photos!! :)

    Claire :P

  22. Oh Miley you are a pawesome big sister! I bet she's going to grow up to be just like you!
    Mommy loves the last picture of you snoozing! BOL

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  23. Sometimes, you just gotta let them know to talk to the paw!!

    But as a younger sibling, it's hard being a puppy too! We just want to be like our awesome older siblings! No pressure, cause I know you'll be a great role-super-model!!!

  24. AWWWWW... for serious? Can you get any cuter? What a wonderful big sis you are. Watch out for that tail fetish, that one leaves a mark!

    Tell Mom GREAT job with the pictures. The peeps and me LOVE them!

  25. You are so busy taking care of your new little sister - you need your naps! The pictures are priceless!


  26. Everyone deserves a big sister like you Miley! You are so sweet.

  27. You are such a sweet sister Miley - it seems like just yesterday you were a baby puppy...



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