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March 23, 2010


Mom and I are pretty bummed out today...someone has been snooping on MY blog!!! Can you believe it? Do these people have nothing better to do with their time than to hack a blog that belongs to one of the nicest goldens in the world??? Mom hasn't been on the 'puter in over a week, so if there have been any comments left on your blogs with my name, they are NOT from me!!! GET A LIFE PEOPLE, better yet...get a REAL job!!!!!! Trust me, I know first don't want to upset my mom!! Well with that said, I hope everyone is having a better day than me.

~note from mom,

I started this blog as a virtual photo/memory album for my two daughters. So when they grow up they can always have something to look back on and remember all the times we've shared with our dogs. What a shame it is that people don't have respect for that.


  1. Oh poor dear Miley's mom. That is just horrible - some people just ain't got no respect - actually, isn't it liable to put words in your name somewhere? We are just so sorry - and it's hard to snag these people too. Keep on blogging - you are tough and we will always come visit you and send you loves!
    Big Hugs xoxoxoxo

  2. Miley;
    We are so sorry for the inconsiderate people that rear their ugly heads every once and a while.
    It's good to know most are not like them, Hang in there, we enjoy your Blog.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  3. Oh no! Bad humans! I'm very sorry for that.

    Love, Kimba.

  4. That is very strange. Make sure you change your password!

  5. It is horrible! You are right, those people need to get a life and get a job.

    Sam & June

  6. Woof! Woof! Miley ... We do understand why your mom is upset. It did happened to us too. But hang in there ... they go away n hope learned a lesson. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Oh my! I have never heard of that on blogging! NOW I am worried.... How did you find out? Did they say bad things? Time to change passwords!

  8. Sorry about the bad humans. I'm not snooping - honest. I just wandered over to meet one of Tilly's wonderful friends.

  9. Oh ick! Please do tell us how you found out so we know what to look for. That is so rude.


  10. Im sorry. We are glad the real you is back

  11. Some hoomans are soooo stoopid -

    Sorry fur that khrap -


  12. Have they NO shame. Get a life cracker sociopaths!!! Lady said she will bite them...grrrrrrrr

    Create a solid password:
    -Have both upper and lower case letters
    -Have digits and/or punctuation characters as well as letters
    -Are easy to remember, so they do not have to be written down
    -Are seven or eight characters long
    -Can be typed quickly, so someone else cannot look over your shoulder


  13. Hiya Miley! I don't get here as often as I should but sorry to hear about the hacker. There are some very strange 2 leggers out there. Obviously, it was a 2 legger 'cuz no dawg is dumb enough to do that.

    Hope all is well with you all otherwise!

    Woofs and slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  14. Oh Miley!
    I'm so sorry for that bad hooman!

  15. Oh no Mileys mom~~How did you find out about it? That is terrible and hopefully they wont bother you or anyone else again, yah change passwords.
    Hope things get better


  16. What the crap people?? Seriously? Hacking into a dog blog?? You deserve to be chased around by a vaccum cleaner or given a bath!

    Glad to have the REAL Miley back!

  17. Oh man thats awful Im sooo sorry miley I hope whoever it is gets caught and is spanked and put to there kennel like we are .... I hope your day goes better

    wags and licks

  18. You are the second blog I've heard of in the past week that has been hacked. The other one is a horse blog - I can't believe people are that cruel. Thank you for the heads up!


  19. seriously, those people have problems! what do they get by hacking a dog's blog! shameless.
    dont get affected by this, continue blogging, we will support woo!

  20. Love this blog! Miley should check out my blog about my adventures with my black lab named Sage!

  21. That stinks! =( Sorry to hear you've been having problems. Love your site though!



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