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April 28, 2010

And The Winner Is........


Congrats Sam, you were the 9th comment!!!! Your are the winner of Bo's book and a dogtronics toy!!!

Here is Sam's funny story that he shared with us to be entered into the giveaway!!!

I guess our funniest (one of many, mind you) story is when I brought Sam to obedience. He failed it twice, just so you know. The first night we showed up it was like I had a rather large fish on the end of my leash - he was flopping and fighting and howling and carrying on so... I couldn't fill out the paperwork. Finally, a very drunk guy who was hanging out in the park came up and asked if I needed someone to hold my dog. I was so exasperated I said yes! Please! So I'm filling out the paperwork, and start to hear all this laughing. I turn around and the guy is flat on the ground. He stands up, and Sam pulls him the other way and knocks him down. This went on for a good couple of rounds before I was done with my paperwork. You would never know that the extremely good dog I have now was such a menace in his puppy days!

Very funny, Sam...way to go!!!!


  1. Congrats Sam! Way to go and great story!
    Big Hugs xo

  2. COngrats to Sam, that was a funny story!!


  3. Congrats to Sam!! That's a really funny story.

  4. Thank you, Miley! We were so excited to see that Sam won the book! I've e-mailed you (Sam made sure I held up my end as his secretary!). We are so glad that you enjoyed his story too - we've got quite a few from those wild puppy days of his!


  5. Congrats Sam! Very funny story :)

    - Mack

  6. Congrats to Sam! That story is really very fun! Thor xx

  7. Yay to Sam!!! What a funny story he had...can't quite picture how it all played out, but the stranger mush have been mighty drunk!!:)
    Just curious on what the toy was? Book sounded fantastic.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  8. MILEY! That's my name too! :)
    I'm new to your blog, and I love it!
    Your going on my top blog list, and I tried to follow too, but it didn't work. :( Maybe later...

    I also have a blog, please come and see at -

    I hope us two Miley's can be great fur-ends!
    Love Miley xxx



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