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July 30, 2010

Thank you!!!


Just wanted to send out a great big thank you to everyone for their wonderful comments about Maggie! Your advice and stories have helped us more than you know! We are feeling very optimistic about her future and the treatments that we have chosen.

*To answer everyone’s question: Yes, we immediately contacted the breeder…just trying to stay positive on this blog and I have nothing positive to say about that situation! Thank you for your concern.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!!


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  1. Grrrrrrr -

    Mom khan read between the furry lines -

    BUT, fur a reason as she says - you do the best woo khan with the inFURmation woo have at the time -

    It would so appear many have provided lots of pawesome advice - and all of it 'stuff' she's read in the past from our pals - all of which as worked fur them -

    SO, onward and pupward as they say -

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: All of this is just another example of the power of the blogosphere and the khool bloggers that make it the pawesome place it is!!!

  2. Hope all is going well. Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm sorry I missed your previous entry about Maggie. That news must have been really devastating. My heart is broken! Luckily she's in great hands. I'm sending good thoughts, vibes and a big hugs for you all.

    Kimba's Mom.

  4. Gosh we missed the post about Maggie. We are furry sorry to hear she has the dreaded HD.

    Many years ago my mom adopted a German Shepard pup from a kill shelter. He and his brother had been dumped there by their breeder. When he was barely a year old she discovered the reason. He had severe HD.

    So we know what you are going through and hope everything works out for Maggie. Got our fingers and paws crossed.


  5. We send lots of purrs and tail wags for a positive outcome.

  6. That clearly shows that the breeder doesn't care. We are sure that your intention was not to "return" Maggie or to get your money back. You simply want to inform them of the situation.
    Well, we are going to keep our paws crossed for Maggie and hope that she will be alright.

    Sam & June

  7. I think you hit it on the head - it's best to stay positive whenever you can!

  8. Our hearts are close to yours and we'll continue to have our paws crossed for your sweet girl!!!
    Don't worry dear friends....everything will go well for her!!!!
    We know she's in a great hands and after that bad period Maggie will run and jump again without problems!!!
    If you need help or simply to talk with a friends...we're here for you!!!
    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tons of love and sweet kisses and licks to all of you!!!

  9. Paws crossed for Maggie. She will be alright!
    Thor xx

  10. I'm so glad your all feeling optimistic!

    I contacted my breeder, as she is both a Vet and a breeder who really care about the puppies and dogs, not just the money she makes. I gave her the link to your last post, and she replied saying it sounds like you have a wonderful Vet, and everything she could think of is already mentioned.
    She said to contact your breeder (which you already done) to make sure they don't breed the parents of Maggie again. Also she said that surgery is very expensive for this condition so she hopes they can manage her pain without having to have the surgery but if she is only 6 months old and already has it i would imagine at some stage surgery may be the only option.

    Good luck! :D
    Love Miley xxx

  11. We're sending lots of love and healing vibes and happy thoughts.:)

    Teddy Bear

  12. Best of luck in the months ahead- I am thankful that there are so many treatment options out there nowadays for HD - it certainly makes "quality of life" much less a concern, because there are SO many things that can help! No matter what, there will be ways to keep her happy, healthy and active for a long time!

    A real shame about the breeder - I can't imagine anyone who would exchange their current pup for a new one - I don't like when things get so financial in nature.. what about the emotional side of things?!

    Please update us soon to let us know how Maggie is doing. :)

  13. Yikes we just read about Maggie! That's horrible for an 8 month, we hope that she can have a pain free life despite all of that! And that's really cool that she and POmpei and near in age!!

  14. Funny thing about some of those breeders.... Once the sale is final, they just don't have much to say. We had a similar situation with our breeder. Wouldn't return our phone calls. Maggie has a strong spirit. I look for good things in her future!



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