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January 14, 2011

Ear Fetish

Rex Ryan has nothing on MY dad! That's right, you heard what I said! Rex Ryan has a foot fetish...well my Dad has an EAR fetish, not just any ears though....only mine!!!

Yes, I admit it! It's a fact in our house that my ears smell...from time to time. Did I ask anyone to smell them??? No! But dad insists that my ears NEED to be cleaned! He said we can do it the easy way (his way) or we can do it the hard way (the vets)...guess which one I picked!

If I only had thumbs...

 Wondering what's going through my head during this torture? "Why in the world does she have to take pics of this"?! I just find it a bit odd....

 My payback is rubbing my ear grub all over the rug..

 One last good shake-a-roo

After all that trauma and he expects some lovin'?! Doesn't he see the hurt and humiliation in my eyes??? Get a good whiff dad...your next sandwich is MINE!!!!

Listen pups, if you've been affected by what you have just witnessed and you feel your human needs help, please call 1-888-HEOD  Human-Ear-Obsessive-Disorder.

It's for their own good and YOURS!


  1. LOL... too funny!
    Check out Wes Welker's "foot" press conference... ha ha!
    GO PATS!

  2. Oh Miley we are so sorry, but I bet you are glad it's all over now :)

  3. I don't get what is so bad about having your ears cleaned? Our crew is the same way--They see me get the ear cleaner and suddenly **poof!!!** they are no where to be found!

  4. Eek, at least in Rex Ryan's foot fetish video both parties looked to be enjoying themselves. LOL. Sorry you had to go through that!

  5. Miley, you are an excellent patient. It is like Wrestlemania 2011 if my humans want to do anything medical on me. It looks like he does a great job :)

  6. Woof! Woof! I know exactly how you felt ... Hope you got a delish treat. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. I wish Gus was this cooperative when we clean his ears. He's a stinker for us.

    Happy Saturday!

  8. Oh too funny! We love the pics! Sam has to endure the same thing, but Dad has to sit on him while Mom does the cleaning - there is no one left to take pictures!


  9. I just went through the very same actions today...aaargh! I've progressed though....I can actually sit behaved while the assault progresses....ONE of these days...payback! I'm a labradoodle from Canada...I'm looking frwd to following you...Cheers!

  10. well at least it keeps infections away!


  11. Oh Miley...I'm so sorry! I completely understand your humiliation. I've had the same thing happen many, many times.



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