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November 21, 2011

Our New Slimy Friends

Hey furiends! How was your weekend?

Ours was boring, mom and dad were hardly home, they totally deserted us!

And when they did finally get home they brought us something. No, not a toy, stuffie or treats.

We haven't figured it out yet, but it has our curiosity sky high...especially Belle!

They are slimy, like to swim in circles and totally FREAK OUT if you put your nose to the glass! BOL!

 First there were 4 then dad put 2 in the giant "bowl" of water and they went round and round till suddenly there were gone?!?!?!

 So now there are just 2, we might as well give them a name because it looks like they will be sticking around unless Belle has something to do with it.

Here are some names we've come up with so far:

  • Thelma & Louise
  • Donny & Marie
  • Tom & Jerry
  • Barbie & Ken
  • Bert & Ernie
  • Fred & Wilma
  • Homer & Marge
  • Bonnie & Clyde
  • Heckle & Jeckle
  • Fric & Frac
We'd love to hear your suggestions so please leave us a comment with your favorite names!

Oh and don't forget to enter my giveaway for a nice holiday basket full of yummy, healthy treats!


  1. Looks like Belle got the gift!

    Oh paired names...we have two hens named Ethel and Lucy.

  2. How about Thing 1 and Thing 2? BOL.

    Let's hope Belle doesn't decide to dip her paws:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. I vote for Fric and Frac! Enjoy!!

  4. I love the OP Pack's suggestion as well as the clever name of your blog, The Daily Scoop. I was never able to decide what to call my blog, so it has this bleh name. Thanks for visiting!

  5. I like Fric and Frac. Thing one and Two is also not a bad choice.

  6. I like Fric and Frac. Thing one and Two is also not a bad choice.

  7. Hi Miley... SOOOOOOO very much nice to meet you!! I am your newest Follower.

    I Like those slimy thingys. I think FRICK AND FRACK fur names.

    Happy THANKSGIVING to YOU and your Family.

  8. I don't have any clever names to add, but I LOVE the photographs of everyone greeting the newcomers.

  9. I just sent you 26-50 and 51-74 Let me know when you get it


  10. Those might be some of the cutest pictures ever taken. We don't have slimy things at our house. I like the names Laverne and Shirley.

    Wags N Kisses,

  11. Oh dear - fish soup! You may want to put that up when you leave the house!


  12. Woof! Woof! I used to have fish ... ies too. Oh Fric n Frac just sounds good. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Hello Miley and Maggie!

    Thanks for visiting me!

    I love your new friends. I say Heckle and Jeckle! Mom says she just loved that cartoon when she was little.

    woos, Tessa

  14. Hi Miley, Fric and Frac are so funny! But I do have a suggestion: Lucy and Ricky. BOL! Do you get it?

    Thanks for dropping by! It is so fun when one surfs through Blogville and stumbles across a new friend. At my church they have a sign that says "there are no strangers here just friends we haven't met." Thats how I see blogville!

    Have you heard of the children's books called Hank the Cowdog? In the book there are two coyote brothers named Rip and Snort. We had a cow and a bull one time that we named that. It is funny to give paired names! BOL!


  15. Enjoy your new friends

    Stop on by for a visit

  16. You got fishies!! I have a betta fishie, but he is being a grump now because he doesn't like the cold.



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