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March 19, 2012

The Dog House That Once Was...

Today I thought I'd share with you the history of the dog house.

You know, the dog house that Dad built for me when I was just a pup.

Now if MTV had a show "Cribs for Dogs" this house would surely be featured!

From the top grade insulation to keep me warm in the winter and cool in the summer, to the air vents, to the stylish linoleum flooring and lets not forget about that sturdy roof and ever so helpful solar light. He has such high hopes for this house, perhaps a little front porch or even a sign with my name on it.

What dog wouldn't be happy with all those things???

This one!!!! Yup, that's me as an adorable pup!

Summer after summer....

Winter after winter....

It just sat there, no chance of ever be occupied.

Well, one day dad decided that he was going to sell it. So we took one last picture...

And within a couple of weeks it was sold. Off it went to it's new owners, only to be occupied by....

a bunch of clucking chickens!!!

That's right, the dog house that once was, is now a chicken coop!


  1. OHHH!!! Well we hope those chickens will use it and take care of it like you did. Maybe daddy might be making a bigger and better house for you?!?!?! We'll shall see....Have a great Monday! :)

  2. I suspect the chickens will make it into a viable home quickly. I couldn't see Bailey and Katy going for a dog house, but a climbing structure, now that they might love.

  3. Wow! A chicken coop! I bet your accomodations in the house are even better than that remarkable house! Stay cozy my friends

    doggy kisses,

  4. Wow! A chicken coop! I bet your accomodations in the house are even better than that remarkable house! Stay cozy my friends

    doggy kisses,

  5. BOL!! Butt we're with you, Miley, why use a dog house when the people one is right there!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  6. OMG, that is the cutest dog crib ever!
    I love the lantern on the front!

  7. Hey Miley!
    Wow, what a stylish house! I don't blame you for not using it. I prefer the outdoors and the human house too. BOL about those chix! Omlets every day for you now! And, I bet they taste just like chicken! BWAR HAR HAR
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  8. Miley that isn't a Dawg House.. it is a Dawg CASTLE...
    Too bad that your dad didn't realize that you wanted to live in THE castle though.
    Those Chickens better be layin GOLDEN Eggs after gettin Such a FINE coop.

  9. Those chickens have a very fancy house.... You know you could have used it as a vacation home....I'm just saying....

  10. Those are some lucky chickens!! BOL!

  11. Miley your Doghouse is amazing! Love your blog & pictures :)

    Teddy xx

  12. Very nice dog house, but Im sure you prefer the person dog house

    Urban Hounds

  13. Regarding the picture problem....did it remove the pics from previous blogs....that is what it is saying when I go to delete them.... It also says it will take 24 hours to do -- did it take that long for you?

  14. Perfect for chickens...I'm sure they like the new digs too!

  15. Hey Buddy,

    I have a feeling the Chickens won't have kept it as clean and tidy as you did!! I bet it looked just like new when you had it!! Tee Hee

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  16. We love your puppy picture and your puppy house is pawesome!!! We hope the chicks love it too.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  17. Holy Cow! That puppy crib is the most awesome one we have ever seen!!! The lantern on the front and everything! Your dad did an excellent job on it!! I think as you grew though, it must have gotten to be a little crowded in there!! Perhaps he could build you a ski chalet out there in the yard?? Those chickens better be thanking their lucky stars they are living in such a nice place! Your puppy pic is SO cute!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  18. Hey Miley, your Dad did an awesome job on that sweet crib of yours. BUT we agree - being in the house with our pawrents is the best. Like your puppy face... Bet the chickens won't take as good of care as you all did..
    Ernie,Sasha,Chica,Lucas, and Rosie

  19. It's so cute though...with it's little light! the Mama would be tempted to keep it, just for the adorableness! We must confess though, we've never gone in ours either.

  20. BOL! What an ending for such a lovely house Oh dear Hardy Har Har

    My were you a cute pup! :) Grown into such a looker as an adult too...yeah I know you know that already ;D

    Waggin at ya,

  21. BOL!! Your daddy has a new career as a coop builder!



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