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August 8, 2013

Spreading the Word

Today we are working with Be Pawsitive in spreading the word about their wonderful company and message!

We know there are many companies out there right now that you can sign up with to receive monthly treats, toys and goodies in the mail but Be Pawsitive is a little different - they give back.

Here's how it works:

For each treat box you order, they provide a box of treats to an animal shelter or rescue organization to help dogs get ready for a new home.

"Our mission is to provide the highest quality all natural, USDA certified organic dog treats for your dog and at the same time give back to those dogs in need of a little extra love. While your dog is enjoying one of our treats, know that a shelter dog is too"

How cool is that?? These treats are used by shelter staff and volunteers to reward the dogs during their obedience training and helps them get ready for their new home.

We received our own box of treats in the mail...

The flavor is Power Berry, just the name makes our mouths water...

As usual mom needs to tell you why she likes these:

They smell amazing - Yes, a dog treat that really smells yummy enough to eat myself.

They use all natural natural ingredients, USDA Organic, wheat free and of course are made in the USA

Here is the ingredient list and analysis from the back of the package:

This time I let Maggie do the sniff and taste test. And of course they passed with flying colors.

As you can see they are a perfect size and you can actually see the ingredients right in the bone.

Go visit Be Pawsitive and see for yourself! Check out their short video - makes our hearts melt!

You can purchase just a monthly subscription or several months at a time, each month you will receive that flavor of the month. 

Don't want to purchase one for your dog? (Oh, the horror!!) 

You can give one as a gift! 

Don't forget, "You buy one, they give one" so you can enter the shelter/organization's name after you enter your billing info, they have made it very simple!

Please help and spread the word about Be Pawsitive

Like their facebook page- Be Pawsitive

Follow them via twitter - @bepawsitive

 While Maggie and I are enjoying our treats, we are so happy to know that there are shelter dogs, who are less fortunate than us, who are enjoying these treats as well.

Thank you Be Pawsitive!!!!
Disclosure: We received this bag of treats for review. All thoughts and opinions are completely our own.



  1. I always love a good recommendation and buying something to help pups not as fortunate--We'll have to give it a try! THANKS for the review!!

  2. Oh, 'The Horror' indeed!!!!! I've been BEGGIN' Ma to get me on one of these monthly delivery boxes and she says " you get enough treats and toys!!!" PFFFFFFFFT!!!!! I say you can NEVER have enough treaties and toys!!!!
    (I swear the woman is loosin' it!! sad really....)
    Anyhu, looks like you gots some FABulous stuffs in there! Especially the treaties!! Yummers!
    Ruby ♥



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