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April 21, 2014

The Helpers

This weekend dad built a raised bed garden for mom so we decided to supervise help.

First, I had to make sure he was using the correct equipment...

 and the proper tools....

Bruin is making sure dad doesn't loose any digits...

Silly dog thinks dad is building this for him...

Maggie doing what she does best, soaking up the sun while all of us work...

Great job, dad...

Looks like a giant kitty litter box if you ask me!!!


  1. LOL giant litter box. Look forward to seeing it planted out. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oooh, a Hitachi chop saw. Nice! Is dad's drill a Hitachi too? I love building things with my daddy-dog (and my mom too...she's a girl but she knows how to use power tools).
    *high paws*

  3. There are some new raised beds in our garden, too! I didn't get to sniff in while they were building them though, cuz I am a pro mischief maker. I had to supervise all the way from the patio. Good luck with your gardening!

  4. We have been thinking about doing raised beds this year. We might need to make sure we have some supervisory help! :)
    The Five Dog Blog

  5. The one thing I learned early on about raised beds is that you DON'T dig in them. I thought that was a bit unfair because Mom gets to dig...

  6. Dad built raised veggie beds like that. We only get to play in them in the winter. The rest of the time they are wasted on the plants.

    We find humans need lets of supervision.

  7. Maggie is no dummy. Why work when you can supervise? ;-)

  8. BaaaaaWaaaah..... GIANT Kitty Pan.... THAT Cracks us UP.
    OMD your dad did a superb job. HEY, guess what??? Your Dad's Red ROBO KILLER thingy looks just like our dad's. WE love when he runs the Robo Killer through the garden... It makes everythingy SO easy fur us to do OUR DIGGING.

  9. Hey, if your dad made you a big kitty box, does this mean he's going to get you guys a kitty?

  10. LOL it does look like a giant kitty litter box right now, but I am sure it will be wonderful when it is finished.

  11. WOWS!! That is one pawsome box! I knows that he could not have done it without your snoopervision! Hey, you thinks he could come over here and build one for me?! I need to grow some tomatoes this year!
    Ruby ♥



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