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June 27, 2014

Blogging Birthday Bloopers

Getting that perfect shot is something every blogger strives to do, even if it means taking an exorbitant amount of them.

We are always being asked "How do you get the dogs to behave and sit so well together"?.

Well, it takes a little creativity, a load of patience, a steady handy and lots of treats!!!

Today we thought it would be fun to share some of our blooper shots that didn't make the cut!

These particular ones are from Miley's Birthday.


  1. Best photos :-) You gotta have a good tasty treats. Golden Woofs

  2. Haha these bloopers are so adorable! I see they had some troubles with the people-sized party hats!

  3. Great bloopers. I loved the one with the head down on the paws with the b-day hat on.

  4. Yep, kinda hard to make us co-op-er-nate sometimes, but the bloopers are the bestest.

    The Mad Scots
    we are finally back online, what did we miss?

  5. sorry but even your bloopers are great!

  6. We love the outtakes - it makes Lady feel better because to get one good one we have 50 bloopers!



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