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July 14, 2014

A Guided Tour Of My Backyard

Hello! My name is Miley and I will be your tour guide!

Today, we are going to tour my backyard and let you in on all the mischief I like to get in.

First stop is what used to be known as Ground Hog's Bush. This is where we believe he was living until he tried to have a playdate with me. 

I really don't like thinking back on that horrid day so lets move on over to what I like to call Daisy Alley...

As you can see, I've made my own path through the daisies but sometimes I like to sit in the middle of them and just ponder for a bit and listen to the birds. 

After we go through the daisies we will be approaching Chippy's Bush of Thorns...

Now this bush is famous for sending mom into a tizzy with it's large thorns but I like to think of it as a nice back-scratcher as I am on the hunt for Chippy's scent. 

Speaking of Chippy, he has many ins and outs in my yard. I have recently just discovered his newest one right under my fence...

Now our next stop is none other than Chippy's Man Cave...

Yup, there it is in all it's glory. The place that keeps me in awe and wonder.

Now if I could just get my nose in there a little bit farther...

Ahhh well, there's always tomorrow!

Let's move on to the Mine Field

This is where I like to keep mom and dad on their toes if ya know what I mean. Always look before you step for you never know where a "mine" has been dropped. 

And if you're feeling real adventurous you could play a great game of Twister with all the "spots" I have created!

Let's make our way over to the Forbidden Jungle...

This is where mom comes running like a Ninja if I step a paw too close. 

Who me????

Next to the Forbidden Jungle is the Scented Forest...

Run through here and you'll come out smelling like a bottle of salad dressing. 

Not that I would know, it's just what I've been told! 

Next, let's stop and say a little prayer for the Rose Bush that once was...

Poor thing, we woke up one morning and it was chewed all the way to the ground.

I don't know what happened....really, I don't!!

This is probably a good time to just stop and smell the roses...

The ones that we have left, that is.

Well, we are in the final leg of the tour, let's heat things up with the Ring of Fire...

Rumor has it that many dogs have been roasted here but you know what they say about rumors.

Next, lets cool things down a bit in what I like to refer to as the Watering Hole...

Legend has it that there was once a sighting here....I remember it vaguely.

Finally, we will end the tour at the Lookout...

This is where I like to stand tall and look out over my kingdom yard and be grateful for all that I have and remember all that once was. (Photo Bomb courtesy of my dumb brother, Bruin)

I've also been know to be groomed up here but let's not remind you know who.

Well, that concludes my tour!

Some say I get into lots of mischief back here but I like to think of it as adventures!

We are joining the Monday Mischief Blog Hop hosted by Snoopy, Alfie and My Brown Newfies.


  1. Hey Miley, thanks for the tour. I'm glad to see that you have plenty of action to keep you busy out in your backyard. You ought to join our K9Kamp Blog Hop on Friday - it's all about Backyard Fitness & Games!

  2. Oh, I loved this tour of your yard. It is a beautiful yard where so many adventures can be had! I am interested in Chippy's man cave. I bet if I come over, I could get in that small space and flush him out for you. Now that would be fun!

  3. What a great kingdom,, back yard you have. Lots of activities for dogs.

  4. You have such a beautiful yard and so many pretty flowers!

    Stop by our blog on Friday - Momma has given you a "Shine On" award!

    Monty and Harlow

  5. Oh, what a great tour! You have a lovely yard! (and a funny brother!) Lol at Chippy's man cave! Love the Scented Forest as well. We had that at our last house. Our beagle loved to go root around in the rosemary bushes, then come back inside. We would call her "the aromatherapy beagle."

  6. That is a lovely yard. Our lady doesn't like to recall an groundhog incident either . . . . Thanks for the tour!

  7. this was a pawsome tour and you are one amazing tour guide!!!! Loved the swimming hole! BOL!

  8. That looks like the perfect yard for getting into tons of mischief! Mauja wishes she had a lookout like you do ;)

  9. Wow! Miley!! I love your yard! It looks like an oasis! :) It's gorgeous and so are you!!

  10. Loved the tour!! You should think about going into guiding business ... I'm sure there is lots of mischief (adventures) to be had with that.

  11. Thanks for that excellent tour. Yes, we have spots for playing Twister too! Mom always wonders how we can eat rose bushes without getting stabbed to deth. We just tell her cuz it is so delicious!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. Hi Y'all!

    You have a cool yard Miley! Thanks for sharing.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  13. Thank you for the tour, Miley! You have such an interesting kingdom! I can't imagine you getting in any trouble back there. I'm sure that any landscaping and plant trimming you perform is completely warranted! The boys tell me they have seen Chippy in our yard too - amazing how he gets around!

  14. thank you for the beautiful tour, you have a great backyard.

  15. Wowzer!!

    You're garden is FULL of adventure and mischief!! Thanks for the tour!

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  16. your backyard is fab! i can just imagine the hours of adventurous fun you have out there.
    love the last shot!
    wags, bailey unleashed

  17. Your mom sure has put a lot of work into making the yard a perfect little adventureland for you! I hope she plants more rose bushes for you to chew--that must have been a high point of your yard adventures.

  18. Thanks for joining the Hop! Hope you enjoy it.

  19. What a great yard! Thanks for popping in to FitDog Friday and K9 Kamp! Great to see you here!
    Diane and Rocco

  20. Great tour! We have one of those forbidden Jungles too. Ours isn't quite as big as yours, but Ava gets the same reaction if she wanders through it.

  21. What a lovely canine paradise and good job conducting the tour!

  22. That was really fun and it kept me laughing!



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