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June 9, 2015

Getting Wild With #NaturalBalance

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Natural Balance. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
Did you hear that Natural Balance is going wild?!

Well, if you haven't, then buckle your seat belts while we introduce you to Natural Balance® Wild Pursuit™.

Do you currently feed your pet a high protein, grain free diet? If you do or you are considering it, we highly recommend giving Wild Pursuit a try.

The new breed of food is designed to satisfy your pet's ancestral cravings. They meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats by closely resembling the diet they would have eaten in the wild.

As a loyal customer of Natural Balance Pet Foods, we were excited to give this product line a try and who better to do it that than our own wild boy, Bruin.

We slowly and successfully transitioned Bruin onto the Trout, Salmon Meal and Tuna Formula.

As soon as I opened the bag he wanted to dive right in as if he was fishing for it himself...
Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Dog Food
This is Bruin's first experience with this protein combination and he is loving it...
Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Dog Food Trout, Salmon Meal and Tuna Formula
The complete and balanced kibble has been gentle on Bruin's digestion while the freeze dried raw pieces provide him with authentic tasting nourishment.
Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Dog Food
Natural Balance Wild Pursuit closely resembles the kind of diet a dog would have been eating in the wild. Yet, thanks to the way Natural Balance balances the formula, the food still delivers the taste dogs have evolved to crave.

That's a good thing because Bruin is on of those dogs that treats our backyard like it is the wild forest of his ancestors. This dog loves to be on the hunt...
dog playing games in backyard
Pouncing to catch his favorite ball...
dog catching frisbee playing games in backyard
Jumping to reach that Frisbee as if it was a wild fish flying out of water...
Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Dog Food
It is most definitely worthy of Bruin's true unique personality and wild side.

Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Product Line:
  • High protein/grain free
  • Available in 35 different varieties, wet or dry, for dogs or cats
  • In formulas for all life stages and breeds from puppy and kitten to adults
  • 8 calories dog treats with high protein as well as grain free
Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Benefits:
  • Every product (except treats) contains a balanced blend of three protein sources such as, trout/salmon/tuna or lamb/chicken/guinea fowl
  • 100% grain free formula with unique nutrient sources such as garbanzo beans and peas, which are naturally concentrated in energy
  • Includes unique proteins like guinea fowl, quail, trout and walleye
  • Dried food contains freeze dried pieces that seal in nutrition and taste
  • Buy with Confidence guarantee - every production run is tested for your pet's health and safety
Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Formulas for Dried Dog Food:
  • Trout, Salmon Meal and Tuna
  • Chicken, Turkey and Quail
  • Lamb, Chicken Meal and Guinea Fowl
How does your pet go wild? What formula do you think your pet would crave?

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  1. I've recently combined my smallest dog's Diamond canned food with The Honest Kitchen. Having dogs is always an adventure!

  2. We love Natural Balance treats and I'm going to see if this food is available locally. Great review and those action photos are fantastic!

  3. Mom has seen this food show up in pet's on her list of 'yummy things for Wesley (that's me!) to try' ESPECIALLY that Trout, Salmon meal and Tuna flavor! YUMMY

  4. Yay for finding and reviewing another food your dogs love!

  5. WooHoo!! We just love watching Bruin jump!!
    Great review!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. I absolutely love those pictures! This post was a great review. I have been researching all different brands because I am picking up my golden retriever puppy the first week of August and trying to prepare. I actually just got to visit all the puppies this past Thursday! I wrote a post on it on my new blog if you wanted to see them:

    I did want to ask what type of puppy food you got for your goldens/what brand you would recommend?




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