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August 16, 2016

Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs

Does your dog suffer from anxiety? Are they scared of loud noises or thunderstorms? Does your dog hate car rides or do they get overly anxious during vet visits?

Today I am happy to share with you a new product on the market, The Calmz™Anxiety Relief System.
relieving anxiety in dogs safely
Disclaimer: Golden Daily Scoop received the Calmz system in exchange for our honest review. We received no other compensation and Calmz is not responsible for the content of this post.

Anxiety can be so stressful to dogs and their owners, I know this because Bruin suffers from anxiety when we go on walks. The moment we put the leash on him, he begins to pant heavily and is constantly looking all around. With every sound he hears, whether it's a dog barking or a car driving by he grows more and more stressed.

So when I was asked to give the Calmz™Anxiety Relief System a try, I knew Bruin would be the perfect candidate!
relieving anxiety in dogs with calmz anxiety relief vest

How Does it Work?

The Calmz™Anxiety Relief System provides clinically proven relief to dogs suffering from stressful situations and anxiety. Calmz is a 2 component system that includes an adjustable vest and a multi-functional device.

The vest was very simple to put on and fit the Bruin's size. With just a couple of buckles to snap,  a velcro closure and a little adjusting, we were almost ready to hit the road.
calmz anxiety relief system for dogs with anxiety
Time to put the device in the vest! The Calmz device has therapy settings which are based on your dog's needs and allows you to set the intensity, duration and number of cycles.

This device is a battery-operated unit with multiple settings that your dog can hear and feel. The vest is designed to fit snuggly on your dog with the Calmz unit held securely in the pouch on top of your dog's spine and acupressure points. 
acoustic and vibrational therapy for dogs with anxiety
The Calmz device utilizes NeuroSync Technology™ which is a blend of classical music with an underlying tone which emits a vibration massage to help increase blood flow to the brain and reduce adrenaline, helping calm and relieve stress.

Once turned on, the Calmz device has 8 different pre-programmed settings which allows you to adjusts the intensity of the vibrations (low/high) and how long you want the cycle to run (mins/hours).

Here is a helpful video explaining how to use the Calmz System.

Our Results. Did it Work?

I have certainly noticed a difference in Bruin's anxiety level since using this Calmz vest. Before he would be jumping, whinning and barking when he heard a dog bark on our walks. Since wearing the vest, he seems to be calmer, he is still panting a bit but he is definitely improving.

Here is a video of Bruin on his first walk wearing the Calmz vest. You can hear a dog barking in the background and Bruin stopping to look in that direction but has very little reaction.

Our Final Thoughts

The Calmz™Anxiety Relief System has offered Bruin some relief on our walks. As with anything, it takes times and consistency. I do believe this vest and device has helped relieve Bruin's stress level on our walks and for that reason, I will be adding this to our collection of tools that help give Bruin some relief.

The vest was simple to put on and adjust. The device was a little confusing at first but after reading through the step-by-step instructional booklet about each of the programmed settings, I was able to find a setting that worked for Bruin's individual needs.

If you have a dog with anxiety issues such as thunderstorms, car rides, loud noises and vet visits to name a few, we recommend giving the Calmz Anxiety Relief System a try. You can learn more about it and purchase one of your own by visiting their website.

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  1. Thank you so much for such a nice post. I am definitely going to use your very good advice!!!

  2. Sounds like a great product for dogs who suffer from anxiety!

  3. Sounds like something that could help Pike!

  4. It sounds like a pretty smart idea. I will keep it in mind in case we need something like that in the future. My mom might be able to use it. She seems to be the only one who gets nervous around here.

  5. We are always looking for products like this that can help with anxiety, but are not drugs! It sounds very interesting.
    Jan, Wag n Woof Pets



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