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November 15, 2016

Let Your Dog Shine With the Wellness Difference #WellnessPet #ad

Last month we started Miley on the Wellness® Complete Health™ for Senior dogs. Being big fans of Wellness treats we were excited to try their food for the first time and since Miley is heading into her senior years we thought this would be a great opportunity to switch her to a senior dog food.
Wellness Complete Health dog food for senior dogs
This post is sponsored by Wellness and the BlogPaws™Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help share the availability of Wellness Products at PetSmart, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Neither Wellness nor PetSmart is responsible for the content of this article.

The Wellness Difference

The Wellness Difference means every ingredient has a purpose. The folks at Wellness study until they are confident of it's health benefit and then make sure they put in the right amount so you'll see the difference in your pet. They never add ingredients just to have the newest "buzzword" on the label.

True wellness is about what's in the ingredients and not so much what isn't (no fillers and artificial ingredients). Wellness believes the way to make superior food for our animals is through a small number of simple, pure and authentic ingredients. 
Know the wellness difference with Wellness Complete Health dog food

What's In The Bag?

  • High quality proteins sourced from trustworthy suppliers as the first ingredient.
  • Deboned poultry which is an excellent source of protein to help build and maintain lean muscle mass and fatty acids to help support health skin and coat.
  • Healthy fats like chicken fat, salmon oil and canola oil which support healthy skin and coat, proper body function.
  • Wholesome grains and natural fiber from ingredients like oatmeal and brown rice which help maintain a healthy intestinal tract. Grains are also a great source of highly digestible carbohydrates and protein to provide energy.
  • A variety of fresh and dried fruits and vegetables right in nutrients to provide flavor, taste and fiber.
  • Prebiotics, specialized forms of fiber, stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the intestine.
  • Probiotics (good bacteria) help restore bacterial balance in the intestine. Wellness includes both to ensure your pet absorbs the necessary nutrients, helping them digest food more efficiently. 
simple, pure and authentic ingredients in wellness complete health dog food

Miley's Update on Wellness Complete Health Senior Food

One month ago, we started Miley on her new food by transitioning her slowly onto it and we have had no problems doing so. She is really enjoying her new food, getting a portion in the morning and another portion in the evening. Splitting up her mealtimes really helps keep her weight in check and is just what works for us.
knowing the 5 signs of wellness in your dog during their senior years

Signs of Wellness in Miley 

  • Her skin is healthy and her coat is soft and shiny
  • Her energy has increased - She has no problem keeping up with her younger siblings when it comes to running around the yard.
  • Her eyes are clear and bright.
  • Her teeth and gums are healthy.
  • Her digestion is great and has actually improved over the past month.
If you'd like to see your dog's health shine with the Wellness Difference, we strongly encourage you to visit your local PetSmart store or visit and check out the extensive line of Wellness products.

Right now you can
Offer expires 11/30/16.

Wellness Complete Health also has a GRAIN-FREE option!

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When choosing a dog food, what do you look for?
Let us know in the comments below!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wellness. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Sounds wonderful! And such a beautiful doggie ♥

  2. We tried to switch our pups to Wellness and noticed Monty started skipping meals. It just didn't appeal to him somehow. Ramble eats everything so he wasn't a good judge, and Harlow seemed to like it just fine, but Monty just wasn't enthusiastic about it.

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

  3. Great review! We have enjoyed Wellness food too. ♥

  4. Great review! We have started Probiotics for our senior dog as well.

  5. Sounds like a great food. Glad that Miley is enjoying it!

  6. Thank you for the coupon! This sounds good enough for humans to eat!

  7. I've seen Wellness brand in shops, but I've never tried any of their products. It's interesting to read about some noticeable changes in a short period of time. I do give Jack a grain free food because when we first got him he would scratch a lot, and once I switched over he stopped. Food really can make a difference.

  8. Miley is beautiful! I divvy my FiveSibes food up into two feedings also. This sounds like a really great food - thank you for the review!

  9. Miley is a great brand ambassador ~ and that bag of food is just the right size.

  10. I'm so glad the new regime is working for Miley. She is a beautiful girl!

  11. We love Wellness, it is stocked here in Nw Zealand YESSSSS!!!!

  12. We like Wellness dry food and their treats. The folks at Wellness are great to work with.

  13. Wellness food/treats is great! Great review!

  14. This looks like some great food! We have tried their treats and Trufood in the past and loved them both! So glad that Miley's energy is up - that is always a welcome sight as they get older!

  15. Truffle and Brulee like Wellness cat food.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Good nutrition is the cornerstone to good health and behavior. Thank you for sharin gyour golden's experience with this brand. Miley is adorable.

  18. I'm glad to hear that Miley is doing so well on Wellness! She really is a gorgeous dog - no signs of aging yet! It is great that Wellness puts so much care into making their foods. They do a great job! My kitties have loved the Wellness foods they have tried too.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  19. Her coat does look nice and shiny. Don't eat the whole bag at once!

  20. I have not tried wellness' food! It sounds like Miley really likes it!



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