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December 20, 2016

Keeping Your Dog Warm and Stylish During the Winter #ChewyInfluencer

I can't believe it's December and we are doing our last review of 2016! It's been so much fun learning about new food, tasting yummy treats and trying out fun toys but we have to admit this review is by far our favorite of them all!

Living in New England in the winter can get harsh even for a Golden Retriever. Yes, they do have a double coat that keeps them insulated but it doesn't hurt to have an added layer of protection if you plan on being outside for an extended period of time.

As a Chewy Influencer, Golden Daily Scoop received the Ultra Paws SnoJam from in exchange for an honest review. We received no compensation and is not responsible for the content of this post. 

Let us introduce to you the Ultra Paws® SnoJam™ Fleece Dog Coat.
Ultra Paws SnoJam Fleece Dog Coat Review
Not only is this fleece dog coat great for outdoors, it can also be worn inside to keep your dog cozy on wood floors.
SnoJam Fleece Oneside for keeping dogs warm

It's a Onesie For Dogs!

Bruin was the perfect model for this, he will let us dress him in almost anything. It was super easy to put on, the fleece is so soft and stretchy.
keeping dogs warm in the winter with a fleece coat

Key Features of the SnoJam Fleece Dog Coat

Besides the stylish plaid pattern, there are some great features as well.
why your dog should wear a snojam fleece coat in the winter
  • Includes a removable hood that easily snaps on and off.
  • Extra long cuffs that can be folders for shorter legs.
  • Decorative red collar with opening for leash.
  • Machine washable/Tumble Dry Low.

Moving and Grooving in the SnoJam 

Heading outside, we wanted to see how easily Bruin could move and groove in the coat and we're happy to report he can still do all the things he normally would.
dog playing in the snow wearing a snojam fleece dog coat
golden retriever wearing a fleece dog coat in the snow during winter
From sitting and waiting for a snowball, to running after it and even catching one in mid-air, Bruin can easily shake his thing with no restrictions whatsoever.

Getting His Business Done

Yup, you know what kind of business we're talking about and let's just say he had no problem in that department.
ultra paws snojam fleece dog coat keeps dogs protected during the winter

Why My Goldens Will Be Wearing a SnoJam This Winter

The Goldens love to play in the snow, no matter how much we have and how cold it is outside. They will dive, roll and just lay in it only to come inside with little snowballs hanging off their belly and legs which get my wood floors all wet and slippery.

By wearing the SnoJam, not only will it give them an added protection of warmth but it will keep them mostly dry and my floors a little less messy.

Although we won't be putting this on the dogs everyday, we will use it for times when we get a lot of snow and for when they will be outside for an extended period of time.

The Ultra Paws SnoJam is available at

From tiny to giant dogs, the SnoJam is designed for all types and comes in sizes XXPetite - 4XL and available to purchase at carries a wide variety of Ultra Paws products that are sure to keep your pup warm this winter!

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  1. I love this SNoJams dog coat. We don't get cold enough down here but it looks perfect for y'all.

  2. Wow, that is quite the coat! We have some jackets and sweaters for Luke, but nothing that gives that much coverage. He really needs it because his fur is very thin, especially on his legs, where none of his other coats cover. We'll have to look at this when we do our next Chewy order.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  3. That is too cute. I may get one for my niece's Jack Russel.

  4. Nola got that, too! I'm glad to see it doesn't hit the tail base on Bruin - even though Nola is a shorter backed dachshund, I thought it was just her body shape making it it too short.



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