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February 6, 2017

A Fun Way to Keep Your Pet's Life Organized #BestLifePets

I have to admit that I am a very organized person except with it comes to two things, my dogs and this blog. Vet appointments, medications, grooming, supplies, adventures - blog posts, deadlines, social media are just a few things I struggle to keep up with.

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When I saw the Best Life Challenge on Facebook started by Kol's Notes and Oh My Dog, I knew this was my chance to finally commit to getting and staying organized.

They are using a planner to help them work on their relationships with their pets. Whether it's training, grooming or just a memory book of their favorite parts of living with their pets. Because, let's face it, pets make OUR lives so much better! :)

I immediately purchased The Happy Planner and was quickly swallowed up by an entire world (I never knew existed) of planners and accessories - stickers, sticky notes, washi tape, clips, pens and so much more.
keeping your pet's life organized with the happy planner

My goals for using this planner are quite simple.

  • Creating a schedule where once a week I will be doing some type of grooming on the Goldens such as nails and foot furs, tails and feathers, ears and teeth, etc.
  • Keeping track of vet appointments, shots and supplements.
  • Planning new activities and adventures for the dogs.
  • Scheduling out my blog posts, projects, recipes and pet-related events.
  • Social media scheduling, twitter chats and podcasts.
  • Daily reflection and journaling of memories that I can look back on.
The plan is to stay organized and do it in a fun way that doesn't seem like a chore and by doing this my goal is to have more time with my dogs and family. 

Honestly, you don't even need a planner or this planner for that matter. Just grab a calendar or notebook, some fun sticks and colorful pens!

Jodi from Kol's Notes has some adorable free printable planner stickers for the happy planner that you can download and print from home! She also created some weekly themes, here are the ones for February!keeping your pet and blog organized and on schedule with the happy planner
Do you struggle to stay organized? 
Keeping your Pet's Life Organized with the Happy Planner
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  1. While I've always used a planner, this is my first year getting lost in planner accessories too (and OMD - you can really spend $$$ decorating your planner). I'm using a Plum Paper one.

  2. I bought a planner last year but never used it. I work from a calendar on my desk where it is always accessible. I love the idea of a planner so maybe I can get better organized this year.

  3. I used the Happy Planner last year and went back to the Erin Condren this year. Now...I find that I really miss my Happy Planner as I got used to all of the writing space it had. And the accessories! Isn't it AMAZING?? Like you said, an entire world of planner accessories exists out there! And hop on Facebook...there are many, many groups of Planner Addicts! Who knew??



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