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June 26, 2017

A Dog's Stroll Through the Garden

You can be sure to bet when Miley is out in the yard you can almost always find her taking a stroll through the garden.

Keeping her out of the flower garden is a losing battle so I have come to embrace the fact that I have a garden "helper".
I added a few friends to the garden to make her feel right at home...

I truly appreciate how gentle and cautious she is as she steps over the cairn...
The garden should be in full bloom in the next week or two so hopefully Miley's Golden touch will pay off! ;)

Now only if I could get her to do some weeding!

Do you have a garden "helper" like Miley?


  1. Oh, we LOVE your pink flamingos! Being from Florida, we see those birds in yards all the time and they are perfect for your garden.

  2. That is so cute! You should plant some strawberries, so she can have snack while helping! :)

  3. Miley clearly has a green paw! And if you're successful at teaching her to weed, Mommy's sending us to your house for lessons.:)

  4. She fits right in. I'm always trying to stop ours from weeding some of what they get into not so healthy.



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