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July 31, 2009

I’m Free!!!!!!

Well I went to get my stitches out yesterday and I am officially off restrictions and free to do whatever I want (almost). So today I not only got to go on a long walk but dad came along with us!!!!


Since dad was with us he decided to let me practice walking without my leash. Apparently he’s too lazy to hold it and made me carry it…he doesn’t realize my big stretchy mouth is for retrieving things like balls, ducks, birds, not dirty stinky leashes!!!! I know, I know just be grateful I am walking with or without the leash!!! Have a great weekend furiends!!!!

July 27, 2009

Thank You, Thank You!!!

Many thanks to Subi and Luna for passing on the Honest Scrap award to me!!!! I am suppose to list 10 things that are true about me and pass it along to 10 bloggers.

Honest Srap Award

1. I’m not crazy about swimming

2. I eat ice cubes instead of rocks

3. I love fireworks

4. I’m not afraid of thunder boomers

5. I love to lick the girls dry when they come out of the pool

6. I like to eat bugs

7. I love to catch butterflies

8. I only bark at squirrels and birds

9. I am an official door greeter

10. I am very sneaky

Now I would like to pass this along to:






Golden Tracks

Paco & Milo




July 24, 2009

Doctor’s Orders….

  • Exercise restriction for 10-14 days: leash walks for elimination only. (how embarrassing)
  • No running, jumping, long walks or rough playing with other dogs. (yeah, that’s what they think)
  • No bathing or swimming (this is my favorite one)
  • If your dog is licking or chewing at the incision, the cone needs to be worn at all times for 10-14 days. (shhhhh, I think they overlooked this one)
  • Food should be given in a few small meals throughout the day. (I think their trying to starve me, do I look thin?)

DSC00943 What’s a poor dog to do with all these order’s and restrictions?!?!


Only six more days, I know I can do it!!! Then I will be free as a bird to do whatever I want!!!! Wait a second….I wonder if this means at the end of six days I will be back in the CRATE at night?!?!? Just have to wait and see I guess…sigh. In the meantime, I think I’m going to come up with some Canine Orders, stay tuned!!!

July 21, 2009

I Am Home…Finally!!!!

Hello to all my furiends!!! Thanks for all your sweet comments over the past few days, I didn’t think I was ever getting out of that place!!! I see my mom has shared with you some pictures of my ordeal and yes I am still wearing this ridiculous lampshade, if only it came in pink. But the best thing that has come out of all this is that since I have to wear this thing around my head, I can’t fit into my crate!!! So last night I got to sleep in mom and dad’s room on the floor, hey it’s not the bed but I’m not complaining!!! Belle is simply terrified of me with this cone on, I can’t even be in the same room as her without her blowing up into a big fur ball and hissing at me. Do I look that different?? Maybe my undercarriage does, oh that’s right, you’ve seen it cuz’ mom decided to post it on MY blog, how embarrassing!!! I can promise you these are the last pictures you will see of me with this cone!!!

Miley's Homecoming

My most favorite 5 words I never thought I would hear again… “wanna go for a ride”?!


I never thought I was going to step paw on this driveway again!!!


And last but not least… here it is, I can’t deny it, the rock that I chewed and “accidently” swallowed. Mom calls it the most expensive rock she has ever owned, whatever is she talking about, it didn’t taste expensive?!?!

July 20, 2009

Our Visit With Miley

Hi everyone, Miley is still not well enough to come home so Saturday we were able to visit her. We miss her terribly and are hoping she will be coming home real soon!!!

Miley's Visit 3

Daddy’s girl, she was so happy to see us!!!Miley's Visit 1

She wasn’t very fond of the “lampshade”. She’s probably going to hate me for putting these pictures on her blog!!!

Miley's Visit 2

Miley’s stitches…

July 16, 2009


Just wanted to thank everyone for all the well wishes for Miley. We took her for another x-ray today and the rock didn’t budge so we decided surgery would be the way to go. And to our surprise they took her in right then. Poor thing didn’t know what to think, but the doctor just called and the surgery was a success!!! She will be spending the next two days there and then home for some much needed TLC!!!

Miley’s Mom

Miley Vet 5Here we are waiting for the news….

Miley Vet 6saying goodbye and good luck…

Miley Vet 4

Too busy sniffing to know what’s about to happen

July 15, 2009

My Golden Swallowed a Rock!

Yup, had to go to see my doctor yesterday, not feeling so well.

Remember my post yesterday about the 7 things I listed that I thought others would find interesting? Well #1 on the list was “I chew rocks”…you can now change that to “I swallow rocks”.

How was I suppose to know that if you swallow a rock that it may not “pass” out the other end?!?!

Now I have to eat some special fiber food that will hopefully help move the rock in the right direction. From what I hear this takes about 72 hours and can be quite painful.

I have to go back to the vet tomorrow for another x-ray and if it hasn’t moved then I’ll have to go under the knife…yikes, let’s hope not!!!

Please excuse the blurry photo’s, mom’s hands were shaking…I think she has seen Marley & Me one too many times!!!
Miley Vet 1
Here I am checking in with dad…
Miley Vet 2
I am waiting patiently for Dr. Lewis…
Miley Vet 3
Going to get my x-ray…wish me luck!!

July 14, 2009

My New Award!!!


I have been awarded the “Kreativ Blogger” award by my good furiend, Bijou!!! Thanks a bunch!!! Here’s the rule, give thanks to the one who gave it to you and post it on your blog. List 7 things about yourself that other’s might find interesting and pass the award on to 7 of your favorite bloggers.

1. I like to chew rocks

2. I love to chase butterflies

3. I can walk and poop at the same time (don’t ask)

4. I yawn very loudly in the morning

5. I sometimes growl in my sleep

6. I like to sneak on the couch w/ my sisters

7. I love to be brushed

I’d like to pass this award onto:


Golden Samantha


Sierra Rose


Tucker, Daisy and Leo


July 13, 2009

I’m Swimming….Finally!!!!

Yup that’s really me swimming in the pool!! Even though dad has to “get” me in the pool, which is not a pleasant experience, once I’m in I have a blast fetching my ball and squirrel and swimming around with my sisters. Did I mention I’m the fastest swimmer in the family?DSC00906DSC00909



July 11, 2009

Bedtime Walk

  Has any of my furiends ever gone on a bedtime walk??? Well when the family goes out for the night and doesn’t take me along with them (I know, the nerve of them, right?!) I get to go on a bedtime walk when they get home. DSC00904Here we go again with the camera, I just want to walk and hunt already!!!!DSC00898I know there is something over there, just let me go investigate, where’s your sense of adventure, mom?!?!DSC00902

Fine, I guess we can just enjoy the cool summer night…

July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Hope all my furiends had as great a weekend as I did!!! Again, mom got a kick out of dressing me up. I actually think I look pretty cute in a bandana, and I didn’t even chew it!! So we started the day off by taking zillions of pictures, I wasn’t being very cooperative, it wasn’t completely my fault this time. My sis whispered in my ear my most favorite words of all time “wanna go for a ride”? I just couldn’t get it out of my head, all I kept thinking about was that big blue thing that I jump into and hang my head out the window going really fast!!! I’ll let you in on a little secret, what they don’t know is as soon as I see mom get on her shoes, I know I am going somewhere. See, I’m much smarter than they think, I’m always one step ahead of them! DSC00828


After the paparazzi session we headed to this loud party in the street (parade). To be quite honest, I wasn’t impressed at all. It started off with these enormous red things (fire trucks) that had this god awful sound blaring out of them. Kailey held her hands over my ears, I thought I was being tortured!!! Once those things were gone it wasn’t so bad, lots of humans throwing things out that the girls would run and grab…no treats for dogs though, go figure!!!

DSC00844Since my origin is Scotland I thought it was only fitting to have my picture taken with them, please excuse my back side.DSC00837Don’t worry, no flags were harmed during the event!!!

DSC00840Boy, this parade thing sure makes me thirsty.

DSC00842See how well I behave while in my master’s control….another little secret…I just let him think he’s in control!!!


Is it over yet?!?!


And for my most favorite part of the weekend, the big glowy things in the sky (fireworks)!!!! I just couldn’t keep my eyes off these, if only I had a handsome furiend to enjoy them with.

July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, I admit it....I'm a little afraid of the water!!!!


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