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August 21, 2009

A Trip….Without Me?!?!?!

Hi furiends, sorry I haven’t been blogging. As you can see from my last post, I’ve gotten myself into a little trouble…again!! Mom grounded me from the puter’ for a few days, so I’m suppose to be learning my lesson whatever that means. She has let me post today only to tell you some terrible, terrible news!!! Today the family is putting all their clothes into these big boxes with wheels and I’ve noticed nobody has given me one, mom says “they” are going away for 9 days!! Do you think “they” includes ME….nope!!!! Where you ask??They are going far away in the sky to see a mouse with big ears, what’s so big about a mouse, I’m sure we have lots of those around here!!! So whose going to take care of me?!?! Who’s going to give me my treats, belly rubs and prepare my meals just the way I like them?!?!? Who’s going to help me blog?!? The word around the house is I’m going to the kennel and Belle gets to stay home with her own personal caretaker!!! Are you kidding me?!?! How hard is it to take care of a cat, all she does is sleep all day, she has access to her food 24/7 and she poops in a box!!! Mom says it will be good for me to be around other dogs and make some new furiends so at the kennel she signed me up for playland…whoopee!!!! I’m not impressed at all!!!!


So today I’m just going to spend the day giving everyone my sad puppy eyes, hoping they will change their minds!!! Wish me luck!!!!

p.s. does anyone have a couch I can crash on for 9 days????

August 19, 2009

Dog Bed Disaster #wordlesswednesday

I don't know how this happened but my dog bed threw up all over the place! 
golden retriever destroys dog bedYou can be sure that mom and dad had a few “choice” words when they came home!!!

August 13, 2009

ANOTHER Trip to the Vet!!!!!

Yup, you heard it right, I had to go back to the vets again!!!! Not because I thought mom’s purse was getting too fat and thought she should donate some of her money to them…not because I missed my vet and stopped in for a visit…not because I wanted to go back into the cage and listen to all those dogs howl till the wee hours of the morning!!! Nope, mom said I smelled, smelled like what you ask?!?! Apparently she thinks us dogs are suppose to smell like roses. Well maybe I don’t want to smell like a rose, maybe I like to smell like death, as she puts it!!! Hey, I never said my s*%# didn’t stink!! So off to the vets I went and let me just say (without going into too much detail), Dr. Moss got a little too close for comfort to my derriere. She said that’s where the stink was coming from…I’ll just let you use your imagination on what happened next…how humiliating!!! Next thing I know I hear a buzzing sound…NO WAY was I letting her take the buzzy down there!!!! But before I knew it she was up around my face and neck with it and that’s where she discovered….

*CAUTION for all you canines with queasy bellies*


….hot spots!!!! Yup, I’ve been itching like crazy for days and no one even noticed!!! Now look at me, I look pitiful!!!! I’m sure you can guess what’s coming next…that damn lampshade!!! Oh, and don’t forget the famous “doctor’s orders”, only this time I have pills, powders and sprays added to them.


Ya know, I have a strange feeling that all of this could have been prevented it they would have just read their book that the man in the big brown truck delivered awhile back. The title sure does suit them well, I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!


See what I mean, it speaks for itself!!! Maybe instead of hogging the ‘puter all day, they should catch up on some reading!!!


So until these spots clear up… I’ll be here, laying in front of my fan, wearing this ridiculous lampshade!! Oh, I’m definitely milking this one for all it’s worth!!!

August 10, 2009

Dog Meets New Friends at Park

Hello bloggies!!! I went to a new park this weekend and boy did I have a blast!!!
golden retriever dog with dog statue at park Here I am taking a rest next to this anti-social dog until I spotted something suspicious….
golden retriever dog meets frog friend at park
My first encounter with Mr. Toad, he had me sooo curious!! I saw him… I sniffed him then….

ooops, I just wanted to feel him.

Mom wouldn’t let me taste him, he probably would have just tasted like chicken anyway!!!

August 7, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

There’s nothing better than spending a hot summer’s day at the lake with my favorite girls!!!DSC01045

Wait for me guys!!!!


Here I am trying to hitch a ride with Mom…

DSC01087 On the boat for our traditional cruise around the lake… DSC01081

Here I wanted to reenact the scene from Titanic with my paws spread out and the wind blowing through my fur but I knew mom would probably have heart failure…


…so I decided to chill out for the ride.


My favorite part of the day was swimming with my duckie and girls!!!!


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